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Transforming supply chain logistics is a tricky task! Ticker global trade is empowering organisations to optimise the future within the global economy. The team at BluJay Global Trade Network is connecting more than 40,000 universal partners to streamline the way we ship, sell and trade!


China’s Singles Day trumps them all

What are the upcoming trends people can expect to see for the upcoming Chinese Singles’ Day in November? And what impact could COVID-19 have on this year’s event?


Frustration Nation

What have been some of the common frustrations with customer experience, especially during the pandemic? Who’s done it well and what can companies learn in order to get things right?

Sustainable Ships

Sustainable shipping shifts… Say that 10 times fast! Today on ticker global trade we unpack the green movement affecting trade with a focus on actual action away from high emission transport. Climate-conscious consumers are demanding retailers provide products that are sustainably sourced and delivered so how will the industry ensure a greener supply chain? 

Postal Reports Recourse

eCommerce has seen the industry report for 2021 and more people than ever are online. An older generation has embraced the online shopping craze in recent times. Shopping online has put pressure on the network and those pressures need to be relieved as unsurprisingly consumers aren’t lowering their expectations.

BluJay Solutions delivers supply chain software and services to the world’s most progressive retailers, distributors, freight forwarders, manufacturers, and logistics service providers.

Transforming supply chain logistics with the BluJay Global Trade Network, we enable customers to unlock the power of more than 40,000 universally connected partners.

With BluJay, companies can achieve greater trade velocity, transform their supply chain economics for disruptive advantage, and see beyond the horizon to optimize their future in the global economy.

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Finding the perfect balance between AI and education



With so much evolving in the land of AI how is the education sector set to shift?

AI education has come a long way.

Follow Mike Loder and Co-founder of Enquiry Tracker, Antony Campitelli, for a in-depth program about the future of the education industry.

Jesse Roberts, Brand General Manager of Unbound360, joins to provide his personal insights into AI within the education sector.

Presented by Enquiry Tracker.

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What is the future of ‘permission-less’ blockchain?



Investigating the benefits of a permissionless blockchain for uncensored and frictionless transactions in alternative systems.

“Crypto Corner,” hosted by Caroline Bowler, CEO of BTC Markets, explores the latest market movements, expert insights, and influence of macroeconomic factors on the crypto industry.

Robbie Coleman from Litecoin joined the show.

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Debunking toxins in your immune system



How do toxins affect the immune system?

Ongoing research delves into the daily exposure to heavy metals and environmental toxins, shedding light on their profound effects on both physical and mental health.

These pollutants don’t just impact our bodies; they also influence our emotional and psychological well-being. Studies highlight the complex relationship between external contaminants and different facets of wellness, emphasising the role of factors like air quality, water purity, dietary habits, and even clothing choices in this widespread issue.

Clayton Thomas, CEO of The Root Brands, offers insights into this field.

The Green Edition is presented by The ROOT Brands.

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