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Social media giant cracks down on hashtags associated with Bucha killings



Social media giant Meta is taking new measures to block hashtags associated with the killings in the Ukrainian city of Bucha

Social media giant Meta has briefly restricted hashtags associated with the killings in the Ukrainian town of Bucha

Videos showing the corpses of many people shot at close range in the previously Russian-occupied town were seen on many of Meta’s platforms.

Meta’s spokesman Andy Stone says the ban was applied by the company’s automated systems that search for violent imagery on Facebook and Instagram.

Hashtags including #Bucha and #BuchaMassacre were blocked

Stone says “This happened automatically because of the graphic content people posted using these hashtags. When we were made aware of the issue yesterday, we acted quickly to unblock the hashtags”.

Meta allows such content for the purpose of raising awareness of potential human rights abuses only blocking content that is extremely graphic or portrays suffering in a positive light.

The issue has been recognised by several human rights groups who have spoken against Meta’s removal of violent content during conflicts.

They condemn Meta for deleting critical evidence of war crimes.

Stone says the company is looking into preserving this content even after it is removed.


FINALLY Twitter brings an edit button – but not for all



Twitter is giving some users a much-needed edit button

The feature will be rolled out to Twitter Blue users in Australia, Canada and New Zealand.

It follows a series of trials, which apparently went quite well.

U.S. tweeters will have to wait a little longer, with the company saying it is “coming soon”.

The ‘Edit Tweet’ function will allow people to make changes to their Tweet after it’s been published.

In a company blog post, Twitter says that users should think of it as a short period of time to fix things like typos, and add missed tags.

The tool will let users edit a tweet up to five times within 30 minutes of posting.

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Google shuts down its translation services in China



Google has shut down its translation services in China

The tech giant believes there aren’t many users in mainland China. Instead, users are now being shifted to the Hong Kong service.

Speaking to The Hill, Google says it has struggled to gain support in China amid strong competition from local search engines.

It follows a 2018 decision to give the Chinese people the opportunity to view content, which has been restricted under the country’s strict government regulations.

But this never went ahead after local authorities and Google’s own staff criticised the move.

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Crowdfunding campaign buys tank for Ukrainian army



Crowdfunding campaign in the Czech Republic has successfully raised more than $1.3 million to buy a modernised tank for the Ukrainian army

A crowdfunding campaign, dubbed “a gift for Putin”, received donations from over 11,000 individuals and is presumably the first purchase of its kind.

The fund was backed by the Czech defence ministry and Ukraine’s embassy in Prague.

As Vladimir Putin’s 70th birthday approaches, the defence minister of the Czech Republic joked his nation has “a great birthday present” for the Russian leader.

Ukraine’s ambassador to Prague says the gift is a concrete demonstration of solidarity and practical assistance from the Czech Republic.

The tank is a Soviet-era T-72. It has been modernised and named Tomas.

The Czech Republic has also sent a range of non-lethal military equipment, including night vision goggles and first-aid kits, to Ukraine.

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