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With over 120 years in the printing industry, nobody knows or understands print better than SNAP. We put passion and craft into print, so that each and every customer gets the WOW response they’re looking for.

As the go-to specialists in business printing, SNAP caters to the needs of all types of organisations, from the local sporting club through to corporate multi-nationals requiring a fully-integrated print management solution.

SNAP provides an end-to-end printing service, with the ability to implement every aspect of your printing requirements, from the initial brief and graphic design through to printing and the finishing touches such as mounting, laminating and binding.

Our SNAP Centres deliver a personalised service, taking the time to understand their customers’ business and printing needs. Our aim is to present and deliver print solutions which delight, not just satisfy.

Award winning Franchise

Passion is the backbone to any successful business. At SNAP, we have two passions: print and building businesses. As part of our network, our Franchisees are supported by a team with the expertise and passion to see their business reach its full potential.

Boasting a 121 year history in the print industry and with 41 years in franchising, SNAP is 100% Australian owned and operated. We have over 130 SNAP Centres locally and we’re internationally franchised in Ireland and New Zealand.

SNAP is one of the most recognised brands in Australia with a reputation for fast, personalised service and high quality print & design solutions. SNAP caters to all business print needs, from marketing materials and business stationery through to signage.

Widely regarded as one of Australia’s first successful franchise networks, we have been recognised by these prestigious industry awards:

2011 Silver Medal, NSW Printing Industries Craftsmanship Awards, Education and Training Initiatives

2010 Runner-up, WA Business News Best Employer Award (Small, 25-50 employees in WA)

2000 Winner Franchise System of the Year Award (entry capital over $200,000), Franchise Council of Australia

1996 Three State Franchisee of the Year Awards

1995, 1993 & 1990 Winner of the Excellence in Service Franchising Award (i.e. Franchisor of the Year), Franchising Council of Australia

1995 Awarded the Peak of Franchising Excellence

1994 Winner of the Excellence in Communications Award

1993 Awarded for Excellence in Service Franchise

At Snap, we’re good people to work with

Why? Because we’re reliable, friendly and genuine. We believe having a sense of humour enhances our productivity and success. And we are committed to going the extra mile to deliver the perfect solution for all our clients.

We embrace new things. New ideas, technologies and innovations. It’s what has motivated us to become so much more than just your local printing centre.

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Glioblastoma awareness day



Kazia Therapeutics Limited (ASX: KZA; NASDAQ: KZIA) is an oncology-focused drug development company.

Their lead program is paxalisib, which is being developed to treat glioblastoma (GBM), the most common and aggressive form of primary brain cancer in adults. There are few treatment options for sufferers of GBM and around 65% of sufferers do not respond to currently available treatments. The condition affects around 133,000 people globally per annum and the potential addressable market is worth more than US$1 billion.

Kazia’s drug paxalisib, commenced recruitment to GBM AGILE, a pivotal study in glioblastoma, in January 2021. Eight additional studies are active in various forms of brain cancer. Paxalisib was granted Orphan Drug Designation for glioblastoma by the US FDA in February 2018, and Fast Track Designation for glioblastoma by the US FDA in August 2020. Kazia is also developing EVT801, a small-molecule inhibitor of VEGFR3, which was licensed from Evotec SE in April 2021. Preclinical data for EVT801 has shown it to be active against a broad range of tumour types and has provided compelling evidence of synergy with immuno- oncology agents.

A phase I study is expected to begin in CY2021. Competitive Advantages: – Lead program, paxalisib, sourced from the world’s most successful cancer drug developer, Genentech – Experienced team with extensive backgrounds in big pharma and biotech – Around 65% of GBM sufferers do not respond to current treatments – Multiple shots on goal with collaborations progressing in other cancers; largely funded by participating hospitals.

For more information, head to their website.

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Performance and culture combining with Ignite Purpose



Christine Foxwell had been in hr, recruitment, consulting, training, and executive leadership and what she knew for sure was we were missing an opportunity to engage and equip people and in return, increase business performance.

In her career, she has seen people step into growth, achieve the unexpected and succeed together. I am, therefore, a firm believer that people can unlock their purpose, joy, development and Performance. Foxwell also believes organisations can achieve success and high performing cultures by engaging in clarity, inclusivity, honesty, vision and measurement. In essence, she has found it’s a delicate balance between people and Performance.

What has inspired the Ignite Purpose team and her to keep learning, growing and stepping into that uncomfortable place of unlocking change? It is the difference she has seen in Leadership teams, cultures and most importantly, the people (humans) we work with.

They start with people and align people to performance outcomes and measures.

They help people ignite their purpose, build their skills, lead who they are and shift their mindsets. We do this through coaching programs from executives through to leaders and teams.

They align leaders (Executive alignment programs) to each other, people to their leaders, and finally, we empower the organisation to build a culture of high performance.

They facilitate strategy, alignment, culture leadership, sales and performance workshops. We coach leaders, teams and organisations to partner, connect deeply and unlock potential and Performance.

The tools they use to support our clients are, bespoke designed programs based on their individual needs—behaviour profiles (DISC & Motivators). They also use TILT365 to help personal insights on growth that aligns to coaching programs. They do impact surveys, high-performance measurement and 360 assessments. Finally, they are the distributors of Silega Business Simulations in ANZ and use interactive simulations and activities to create reflective learning environment

The team is based in Sydney, Australia; they work virtually and face to face and have delivered workshops and coaching sessions to clients all over the world.

For more information, head to their website.

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Navigating important conversations with Debra Roberts



For more than 20 years, 5 days a week, 6 hours a day, Debra Roberts has had conversations with people who find it challenging to say what they want to say at home and at the office.

She work swith many companies to improve the communication of their staff as it directly affects productivity, company culture and creates an atmosphere of stress, tension, and even turnover.

Roberts talks to people who are not living the life they want because they don’t know how to communicate with the important people in their life.

When there’s a breakdown in communication, people usually disconnect from each other. And when you don’t know how to recover or start the conversation, things can fall apart.

It feels complicated and layered. But not to her.

Roberts’ communication model, the Relationship Protocol® (the RP) can change everything. It will give you the tools you need to have everyday interactions and address difficult topics too.

When you know how to say what you want to say, the shift from feeling frustrated and uncertain to self-assured can happen fast.  

Whether it’s an inner office problem, a situation that shattered your confidence, or you’re having trouble communicating with a loved one… it can help. Let her teach you the RP model.

If you’re motivated and ready to feel more equipped to say what’s on your mind, feel heard, and express yourself with confidence, then you’ve come to the right place. 

And she promises, there’s nothing fancy here. These are practical, actionable, and common-sense tools that you can use in ALL types of interactions.  

For starters, take my Benefit of the Doubt challenge and experience a small sample of the power and simplicity of this work for yourself. 

For more, head to her website.

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