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Money Matters

Money Matters

Money Matters with Dr. Steven Enticott is a dynamic and insightful show where Dr. Enticott, a renowned finance expert for millennials, offers practical advice and innovative strategies to help young adults navigate the complexities of personal finance and investing in today’s economy.

Dr Steven Enticott

Dr Steven Enticott is a finance professional, speaker, regular columnist, and author of The Man With A Plan.

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Episodes } 1 minute

Why business reliance matters amidst a crisis

The importance of perseverance and optimism in business

Why business must embrace purpose to thrive

The significance of having business intuition

Become “the” thought leader in your industry

Are you better off buying a new car?

Simple solutions to manage cost of living

Borrowing Money, a trap or ongoing battle?

The psychology of saving to spend

Earning cash and keeping it