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 The Airport Economist, hosted by Tim Harcourt is your guide to doing business globally.

If you want to understand the economic opportunities of the ASEAN region, the issues driving the great transformation of world economies or the how-to of international trade, then The Airport Economist has the knowledge and the insights you need to know.

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Tim Harcourt

Tim Harcourt is the Industry Professor and Chief Economist at the Institute for Public Policy and Governance (IPPG) at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS).

ASEAN Series

Invested: Australia’s southeast Asia economic strategy to 2040

Secretary General gives ASEAN update

ASEAN: celebrating 40 years of friendship

A new business champion for Vietnam

Solving the ASEAN energy trilemma

The Great Transformation

How will we be a more innovative nation

Is Australia too small to commercialise a great idea?

How will we learn

Is remote learning here to stay?

How will we entertain ourselves

Will TV regulation become irrelevant in the future?

How will we trade in the future?

Why Australia needs to take ASEAN seriously

How will we live with AI

How will we work

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Global View

Can Taiwan’s new President ease tensions with China?

Will Australia’s foreign investment rule create an economic boost?

ASEAN emerging as new global economic power?

Are we witnessing a rise in Middle Eastern geopolitical cooperation?

The upside and downside of AI at work