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Putin oversees Russia’s nuclear might during planned drill



Putin has overseen his country conducting its first nuclear drills, since the beginning of the war

Russia’s Vladimir Putin watched on from afar as his country launched the ballistic and cruise missiles fired from the Arctic towards Russia’s far-east.

Sergei Shoigu, Russia’s Defence Minister, spoke about the drills on national TV. He claims the exercises were an opportunity for the military to practise retaliation of an enemy strike.

During the broadcast Putin also made claims about Ukraine being a “testing ground for military biological experiments”.

When it comes to the recent drills, the Kremlin warned the west and therefore complied with the arms control treaty.

“Russia is complying with its arms control obligations and its transparency commitments to make these notifications.”

Gen. Pat Ryder, Pentagon spokesman

However, the drills come at a time of increasing tensions between Russia and western nations.

As the west monitors Russia’s nuclear posture closely, NATO gets set to run its own nuclear drills, dubbed ‘Steadfast Noon’ which will launch late October.

U.S. warning

The United States has consistently warned Russia against using nuclear force during the war in Ukraine.

Today, U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken again reiterated the consequences for Russia if it uses a nuclear weapon.

“We’ve also communicated directly and very clearly to the Russians, President Putin about the consequences.”

antony blinken, u.s. secretary of state
Credit: ABC

Speaking exclusively on CNN, Russia’s Ambassador to the UK insists Russia is “not going to use nukes” in the war.

India condemn’s nuclear

Amid heightened tensions in Ukraine, the threat of resorting to nuclear has become a core concern for the war ahead.

As Ukrainian troops continue to make advances on the frontline, there are fears Putin will use nuclear force when backed into a corner.

Although, Russia has conducted planned nuclear drills, the country’s nuclear posture has not changed in any way.

During a phone call, India’s Defence Minister warned his Russian counterpart against nuclear weapons.

“The nuclear option should not be resorted to.”

Rajnath singh, india defence minister
Credit: The Indian Express

A statement released by the Defence Minister’s office confirmed Rajnath Singh “reiterated India’s position on the need to pursue the path of dialogue and diplomacy for an early resolution of the conflict. He pointed out that the nuclear option should not be resorted to by any side as the prospect of the usage of nuclear or radiological weapons goes against the basic tenets of humanity.”

Dirty bomb allegations

Russia has made claims that Ukraine is planning to use a so-called “dirty bomb,” comprising of explosives and Uranium.

Claims Ukraine and the west have strongly denied and condemned. Now, many western nations are concerned Russia is going to use this allegation as a pretext to escalate the war.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg labelled the claims as “transparently false.”

“Russia now falsely claims Ukraine is preparing to use a radiological dirty bomb on its own territory. NATO allies reject this transparently false allegation. Russia often accuses others of what they intend to do themselves. We have seen this pattern before from Syria to Ukraine. Russia must not use false pretext for further escalation.”

Jens stoltenberg, nato secretary general

Stoltenberg has warned Putin against using a nuclear weapon, explaining that the use of nuclear would change the front of the war for everyone, including Russia.

“President Putin of Russia knows that a nuclear war cannot be won and must never be fought. And they also know that there will be severe consequences.

So far, we have not seen any changes in Russia’s nuclear posture, but of course we monitor very closely, and we are vigilant and ready to act if necessary. The most important thing now is to convey a message to Russia that they of course should not use a nuclear weapon in Ukraine.”

Jens stoltenberg, nato secretary general

However, despite global condemnation and denial, Russia still insists Ukraine is going to use a “dirty bomb.”

Speaking on CNN, Russia’s Ambassador to the UK also doubled down on claims of Ukraine using a ‘dirty bomb’ saying Russia ‘has a feeling.’

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