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Today, with so much emphasis on thought leadership, it’s important to choose a media partner that can amplify your message to a global audience.

Now that you’ve developed your story, it’s time to expand your audience. Ticker helps you to create valuable content and distribute it on our platforms and yours.

Communicate Thought Leadership On Ticker

What Is Thought Leadership?

The news agenda is constantly changing. Thought leaders appearing in an interview on Ticker connect with the topics that people are talking about today.

On Ticker, thought leaders don’t just speak; they drive the story forward. Providing background, context and commentary. Thought leaders are perceived as knowledgeable sources of insight in a chosen field or subject.

What field are you a thought leader in? And how can that connect with the stories that viewers are watching on Ticker?

How It Works On Ticker

A Ticker interview is more than a conversation; it's an opportunity to create valuable content and context for your network. Here's how Ticker amplifies thought leadership.

1. Choose a Topic

It all begins with your message. Our viewers come to Ticker for specific themes and trending topics. Effective interviews on Ticker connect thought leadership with current events.

Viewers want to know what you know. Ticker is a platform for next-gen leaders.

Take a look at the stories and events on the Ticker home page and choose a topic that aligns with your expertise.

2. Create The Content

This is the fun part. Appearing on Ticker allows you to present your message in a professional news environment.

Your reactions to unfolding events carry emotion that connects faster than ever before.

And we’ve made it really easy to set up the interview and to appear either in the studio or via video call.

Be part of today’s conversation that drives the audience to you.


3. Credibility and Personal Branding

Being featured on Ticker, a respected news platform, enhances your credibility and cements your personal brand.

It signals that your views are sought after.

With a world-class news environment, Ticker is the go-to network for thought leadership on news events.

The best way to build trust with your audience is to adopt a long-term view.

4. Connect With Your Audience

This is the really important part. Anyone can create content, but who is really listening?

At Ticker, your interview will play out across our global syndication network, including major platforms in Australia, the United States and Europe.

Additionally, we have created a distribution strategy that enables your interview to reach your desired audience directly. Whether you’re aiming to influence your industry or attract new clients.

Unrivalled International Reach

Create a TV Program

Showcase Your Business Expertise

Creating a TV program on Ticker can be a game-changer for professionals and businesses looking to establish themselves as thought leaders and generate authentic leads.

You might be a leader in cyber security, innovation, technology, or law. Ticker offers an accessible and cost-effective platform to produce and air engaging programs that resonate with your target audience.

By leveraging this opportunity, you can keep clients and stakeholders informed, showcase your industry knowledge, and elevate your brand’s reputation.

For instance, if you specialize in cyber security, you can use Ticker to host a regular show dedicated to discussing the latest trends, threats, and best practices in the field. This program not only educates your audience but also positions you as a trusted authority on the subject.

Thought Leaders On Ticker

Dr Steven Enticott, CEO of CIA Tax

“Thought leadership is a crucial goal of CIA Tax. After working with Ticker for only a short time, we realised the incredible value Ticker provided. It’s now been years.

We immediately moved our entire marketing spent to cut out the middle man. Ticker works directly with me to create and then distribute our content. People contact us for advice and say ‘We need to speak to Dr Steve.'”

Steven Maarbani, CEO of VentureCrowd

“Our program partnership with Ticker, Funding Futures, consistently produces engaging video content that we’ve been able to use within both ours and Ticker’s expansive syndication and on social media.”

At VentureCrowd, we’re always looking for new ways to engage with our community of investors, and our partnership with Ticker has been integral to this engagement.”

Dr Karen Sutherland, University of the Sunshine Coast & Dharana Digital

“Providing regular commentary on Ticker has helped me to build a solid foundation of social proof in my area of expertise.

Appearing on Ticker greatly increased my profile not only within Australia but also internationally, which has led to many amazing opportunities as a result. “

Tim Harcourt, The Airport Economist

“Ahron Young and his team at Ticker news are the media pioneers of the 21st century.

Young, dynamic and global – they are a great alternative to the news outlets that have become too jaded and ideological. With Ticker you get news with intellectual content and context.”

Mark Wyld, CEO of MW Wealth

“Ticker’s ‘why’ to innovate media aligns with everything we try and go at MW Group.

Their team are master broadcasters hence we’re able to circulate not only interesting, relevant content but entertaining in a quality production”

Karen Gately, CEO of Corporate Dojo

“Working with Ticker has been a fantastic experience, providing a unique platform to share my expertise and insights with a wide, engaged audience.

The professional team and dynamic format at Ticker News truly amplified my voice, making it an invaluable opportunity for any thought leader looking to make a difference and connect with a global community.”

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