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Parcel delivery success



Founded in 1983 as a specialised metropolitan parcel delivery business, CouriersPlease is uniquely placed to service Australians through its independently owned franchisee fleet of couriers.

Today, CouriersPlease has grown into a leading parcel delivery expert with nationwide coverage across Australia. This is only made possible by our team of dedicated staff and couriers, as well as the ongoing support of our valued customers.

Most recently, CouriersPlease launched its new International and Domestic Air services connecting our customers to over 220 countries.

In addition, CouriersPlease has proudly launched its new POPStation (Pick Own Parcel Station) product which allows customers to collect their parcels at their own convenience. Together with the partnership with HUBBED (a one-stop eCommerce service aggregator, with a network of newsagents to provide a parcel delivery service in every major city across Australia), these new additions to the CouriersPlease family create an eCommerce ecosystem that will provide customers with seamless access to their parcels, as well as delivering a stellar service experience.

CouriersPlease is a fully owned subsidiary of Singapore Post (SingPost), a leader in eCommerce logistics in Asia Pacific and USA. SingPost’s values of Trust, Total Customer, One Team, Top Execution, and Transformation anchor its goal to become Australia’s #1 eCommerce courier service.

For more information, head to

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Franchising done right with Megasealed



Megasealed is Australia’s first shower repair and waterproofing company to offer franchising in the niche sector, and their 33 franchises have all reported significant growth over the past 12 months.

Managing Director Jacques Courtin recently appeared on Ticker News to discuss the company’s success through these difficult circumstances.

“We were one of the few businesses that were able to grow because people were working from home and having tradespeople visit,” Courtin discussed.

“We already had a good template to grow, and (business conditions) made things better.”

Courtin reveals how he came up with the product that has served his business – and customers – well.

“I discovered that many of our clients, early on, were not needing to have shower tiles ripped up to fix their leaking issue,” Courtin adds. “It was as simple as re-applying epoxy grout, and that is how Megasealed was born.”

“The product was so good that the client was able to shower the next day, which is a success for us.”

Megasealed recently celebrated a major milestone – 25 years in business. Courtin reveals that having a family culture has been the only way to successfully grow.

“Looking out for our clients and our franchisees has seen us develop into who we are today,” the Managing Director pointed out. “I want to keep growing our numbers and building out the business.”

For more information about Megasealed, go to

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Managing health conditions with MediKane



Food-as-Medicine pioneers

Founded in 2011, MediKane is a food-as-medicine company developing Australian-made, clinically proven plant-based health products to prevent, manage and reverse chronic disease naturally.

Their mission is to develop scientifically proven natural products as treatments for specific health conditions that improve the health of people and communities at a global scale.

MediKane’s flagship consumer product is NutriKane D, the only clinically-proven plant- based health product that lowers blood sugar, naturally. Their plant-based formula has provided the basis of a range of consumer and hospital grade products that can significantly improve long-term chronic health problems including diabetes, bowel disorders, and inflammation-related conditions, including immune health.

With multiple products already in market, MediKane products have proven efficacy supported by clinical trials undertaken by universities, hospitals and medical professionals in both Australia and the USA.

A leading FMCG executive and a former drug developer, founders Rod Lewis and Dr Malcolm Ball bring a unique combination of 70 years’ leadership experience in wholesale food production and manufacturing, global logistics, biochemistry, biotechnology and pharmaceutical development.

With five revenue streams supported by the same IP, the same team and the same supply chain, MediKane is a sustainable business at the precipice of significant growth in addressable markets in Australia, Asia and the USA.

Equity crowdfunding campaign open

MediKane are invite Australians to join them on their mission to bring clinically-proven, food-based natural health products to the millions of people living with chronic diseases around the world.

They have just launched an Expression of Interest campaign on Birchal, a leading Australian equity crowdfunding platform, and invite you to register your interest to become a shareholder in MediKane. 

For more information visit

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What does your success depend on?



Kinga Elizabeth Staszalek is the founder of Lapis Evolution, Love and Relationships Coach Expert, Family Constellations Practitioner and Healer.

She helps people transform their life, love life and relationships. Kinga knows what it’s like to feel unloved, not enough, stuck and constantly pleasing others to fit in. Throughout her life, she has been through a series of heartbreaks and breakdowns.

She believes that everyone deserves authentic love, happiness, has a unique gift to share, and that it is our birthright to feel worthy, fulfilled and enjoy a genuine sense of belonging.

Kinga helps people unlearn what has been taught to them and experienced in the past about love, relationships and success, and guides them to create the life of their dreams with joy, a new perspective and fresh excitement. With a Proven Track Record, Kinga is amongst the Top 1% of Relationship Coaches in Australia.

Kinga helps both singles and people in relationships.

Her signature mentoring programs:

  1. Attract your Life Partner Program
  2. Successful Relationship Program
  3. 3. Unstoppable Transformation Program

Kinga clients not only experience exponential shifts with their love life but in all aspects of their life. As they upgrade their way of living by putting into practice what Kinga advises, they achieve success.

Visit to watch Kinga’s FREE masterclass, ‘How to attract your ideal partner and create a life together’, where she shares her best-kept secrets that have helped her clients unlock their life with an abundance of love and joy. There is also a series of success stories, people who went through amazing transformations and now are rocking their lives.

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