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Link between a happy marriage and work productivity



After Argentina’s triumph at the FIFA World Cup, the media shone a spotlight on their wives and girlfriends.

  • Love hormone oxytocin, released during periods of affection, fosters stronger bonds with colleagues and enhances teamwork, potentially leading to improved performance at work.

  • Studies indicate a “marriage premium,” with married individuals earning higher salaries, receiving better performance reviews, and achieving quicker promotions compared to their single counterparts.

  • Businesses can capitalize on these findings by promoting marital satisfaction through educational programs, family initiatives, and improved work-life balance, ultimately fostering a happier and more productive workforce.

This phenomenon begs the question: Do athletes perform better when they’re in love? Surprisingly, the answer is yes, and this concept extends beyond sports to the realm of the workplace.

Love Hormone

Research reveals that falling in love triggers the release of oxytocin, known as the “love hormone.”

This hormone not only induces feelings of affection but also fosters stronger bonds with colleagues and enhances teamwork.

It can lead to increased competitiveness and a higher tolerance for pain or fatigue, traits particularly beneficial in team sports like soccer.

Evidence from the sporting world supports this notion.

Golf prodigy Lydia Ko’s performance soared after announcing her wedding plans, while golfer Kim Si-woo clinched victory during his honeymoon.

These examples suggest a correlation between love and improved performance, albeit coincidental.

The Marriage Premium

Beyond the initial oxytocin rush, marriage offers long-term benefits in the workplace.

Studies reveal a “marriage premium,” with married individuals earning higher salaries and receiving better performance reviews and promotions compared to their single counterparts.

This phenomenon persists even after controlling for other factors, suggesting inherent advantages for married employees.

Three hypotheses attempt to explain this gap: heightened responsibility and work ethic post-marriage, a selection bias favoring successful individuals entering marriage, and potential managerial bias toward married employees.

While the exact cause remains uncertain, data consistently indicate a marriage premium across various sectors.

Navigating the Workplace

Business leaders can leverage these findings to foster a happier and more productive workforce. Supporting marital satisfaction through educational programs, family initiatives, and improved work-life balance can yield dividends in workplace morale and performance.

Additionally, initiatives promoting social interaction and community-building can benefit both married and single employees, enhancing overall workplace cohesion.

Ahron Young is an award winning journalist who has covered major news events around the world. Ahron is the Managing Editor and Founder of TICKER NEWS.

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China conducts ‘punishment’ war games near Taiwan



China initiated military ‘punishment’ exercises in the waters surrounding Taiwan in response to the newly inaugurated President Lai Ching-te.

These drills come amid escalating tensions in the region, with Beijing asserting its sovereignty over Taiwan, denouncing the inauguration of President Lai Ching-te and labelling this one of several “separatist acts”, as reported by Reuters.

These military manoeuvres are seen as a show of force and a warning to Taiwan and its supporters against any moves perceived as challenging China’s territorial claims.

President Lai has repeatedly offered talks with China but has been rebuffed.

He says only Taiwan’s people can decide their future, and rejects Beijing’s sovereignty claims.

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Apple Music’s controversial top 10 albums of all time



Apple Music has released its highly anticipated “100 Best Albums of All Time” list, with the top 10 rankings causing a bittersweet symphony of destruction for some music lovers.

The list was curated by a panel of experts and based on various factors including cultural impact, critical acclaim, and commercial success, with the aim to celebrate the most influential and timeless albums across genres.

As reported by the official Apple Music Newsroom blog post, the top ten best albums of all time are the following:

10. Lemonade (2016), Beyoncé

9. Nevermind (1991), Nirvana 

8. Back to Black (2006), Amy Winehouse

7. good kid, m.A.A.d city (2012), Kendrick Lamar

6. Songs in the Key of Life (1976), Stevie Wonder

5. Blonde (2016), Frank Ocean

4. Purple Rain (1984), Prince & The Revolution

3. Abbey Road (1969), The Beatles

2. Thriller (1982), Michael Jackson

1. The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill (1998), Lauryn Hill

In other news, Apple recently became the first company to hit a $3 trillion stock market value, before falling just below that milestone, as reported by Reuters.

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Essential daily protein needs for better health



Protein is a fundamental macronutrient essential for various bodily functions, including muscle repair, enzyme production, and immune system support.

Daily protein requirements can vary significantly based on factors such as activity levels, age, and gender.

To help unpack this topic, Kate Save from BeFitFood joins to share her key insights. #featured

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