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Kevin Spacey to appear in UK court, charged with multiple sexual offences



Two-Time Oscar-winning actor Kevin Spacey will appear in a UK court later this week, charged with multiple sexual offences

Spacey was initially questioned by British police in 20-19 over claims he had assaulted several men, with the former “House of Cards” star running London’s Old Vic theatre between 2004 and 2015.

The nation’s Crown Prosecution Service officially authorised charges against Spacey last month.

Kevin Spacey faces five charges in total.

According to the Crown Prosecution Service, these include:

o   Two counts of sexual assault in London in 2005 against one man

o   One count of sexual assault in London in 2008 against second man

o   And one count of sexual assault in 2013 against a third man in Gloucestershire

o   He also faces one count of causing a person to engage in penetrative sexual activity without consent in London in 2008 – and that’s against the second man.

The police have also said that the two of the men are aged in their 30s now.

The other is aged in his 40s.

Police confirmed that he is in the country and have formally charged him.

The charges follow a review of evidence gathered by the Metropolitan Police.

Some weeks ago – Spacey had said he would voluntarily return to the UK to face these charges.

Metropolitan police have confirmed he is now in the country.

Now that police have confirmed he is in the country and have forally charged him, what happens now?

In a statement to Good Morning America in May, Spacey says that he was disappointed that this is going ahead, he was confident he would prove his innocence.

He also reminded people in that GMA statement that he was innocent until proven otherwise

Kevin Spacey is due to appear in Westminster Magistrate’s Court at 10am on Thursday local time.


NEW Happy Meal for adults only



The Hamburglar is back, but this time he’s only reserved for adults

McDonalds is bringing back some of its all-time classics as part of a new Happy Meal offering.

In just a few days, the ‘Cactus Plant Flea Market Box’ will contain a Big Mac, fries, a drink and of course, the famous happy meal toy.

It’s part of a major collaboration between the streetwear brand and the fast-food giant.

The box itself will also have a unique style, with images of a four-eyed Grimace with Cactus buddy.

The streetwear brand has received top marks from big names like designer Kanye West and singer Pharrell Williams.

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World’s top chess player takes aim at his biggest rival



World chess champion Magnus Carlsen is accusing one of his fellow players of cheating

Carlsen says Hans Niemann has cheated more than he has publicly admitted.

Of course, Hans Niemann ended up beating Carlsen in a major upset earlier this month.

While there’s no evidence of cheating and Hans Niemann believes his long-time rival might be trying to ruin his career.

The teenager says he cheated online when he was 12 and 16 but is denying allegations of ever cheating in person.

It follows weeks of scandal in the world of chess between the pair, after Hans Niemann ended a 53-game winning streak of the world’s top player.

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How a fake Uber driver targeted young women on a night out



A man who targeted women outside college dorms and downtown bars by impersonating an Uber driver was ordered held without bail

William Mancortes was charged in a Boston Court with two counts of rape and one count of indecent assault and battery.

The 43-year-old pretended to be an Uber driver, picked up intoxicated women outside of college dorms and downtown Boston bars three times

Mancortes raped two of the women and indecently assaulted the third.

Each of the victims in the three charged cases completed a Sexual Assault Evidence Collection Kit.

While the perpetrator’s DNA samples from the kits matched, the samples could not be connected until this year, when his profile was added to the DNA database.

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