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Keeping up with crypto – Kardashian slammed for promoting digital tokens



Kim Kardashian is in hot water over crypto tokens

The reality TV star has been slammed for promoting an untested cryptocurrency on Instagram.

Kim asked her 250 million followers to speculate on crypto tokens by promoting an advert for Ethereum Max.

The head of the UK’s Financial watchdog said influencers fuel the “delusions of quick riches”

Charles Randell called it “a speculative digital token created a month before by unknown developers”.

Mr Randell was speaking to the Cambridge International Symposium on Economic Crime.

The FCA chairman said the post may have been the “financial promotion with the single biggest audience reach in history”.

“I can’t say whether this particular token [Ethereum Max] is a scam,” he said.

“If you buy them, you should be prepared to lose all your money.”

Mr Randell said there was a case for regulation of promotions to address consumers’ misconceptions and “often misleading advertising techniques of some crypto businesses”.


This move is set to boost Australia’s crypto gains



Coinbase is coming down under, in a major boost for the country’s crypto gains

The crypto platform is calling the country “a priority market”.

It will add its local payments platform so Australians can transfer dollars into their Coinbase account.

There will also be advanced trading tools and better pricing.

Users will also receive 24 hour support, where they can ask all about their accounts and concerns.

The exchange is registered with a local regulator to provide its digital currency exchange services.

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Europe cracks down on crypto tax



In a major development, the European Parliament has voted in favour of a coordinated and fair tax system for crypto-currencies

Around 80 per cent of lawmakers voted to start using blockchain tech to create a more robust way of stopping tax evasion

Only seven voted against the resolution, with 47 absent for the vote.

Europe has had crypto reform high on its agenda.

Lawmakers want crypto-users to be subjected to a fair and transparent taxing system.

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Government-backed crypto could threaten the U.S. economy, report finds



Government-backed cryptocurrencies could threaten the U.S. economy, that’s according to a new report

The Treasury Department believe that prices crypto are set by market speculation and don’t have much economic reality.

It’s found crypto-asset firms intersect with entities that have risky business profiles.

Treasury believes this is a concern for the U-S financial system.

Of course, Bitcoin is just one digital coin to swing and los much of its value since the start of this year.

But advocates think these stable-coins could be less volatile than traditional currencies.

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