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It’s Amazon Prime Day – We’ve got you covered!



It’s the biggest day of Amazon’s calendar. Well, two days. Amazon Prime Day promises millions of bargains. But in the aftermath of the pandemic, a new challenge could cause delays for customers.

June 21 and 22 this year will be a big event for customers of Amazon around the world. And an important day for Amazon’s retailers and the retail giant itself.

As we browse Amazon’s website, searching for bargains, it might be a good idea to think about how long it’s going to take for our goodies to actually reach us. Because Amazon is facing a global shipping delay.

COVID has caused a global shipping crisis.
COVID has caused a global shipping crisis.

COVID has caused a shipping crisis

Among all the things we’ve had to worry about this pandemic, we thought we’d be safe from a major logistics challenge. Stuck at home, millions of us have given up on traditional retail stores, and instead gone online for our daily needs.

Amazon is the world’s largest retailer. And it’s determined to enter even further into our lives.

Prime Day is Amazon's chance to sign us up.
Prime Day is Amazon’s chance to sign us up.

Amazon Prime Day is the yearly event the company uses to get us all signed up to Amazon Prime accounts, promising faster shipping and even a video catalog.

For Amazon, it’s all about the ecosystem. Come for the cheap prices, stay for the video library. So much so the company just spent billions acquiring movie studio MGM, to win the lions share of Hollywood’s glamorous history.

Breaking the Prime deal

The problem for Amazon this year is that we are now very much aware that there’s a shipping delay. Remember how fast things used to arrive? Now you’ve got to add weeks to your delivery expectations.

And for many Prime customers, that’s a break with their contract with Amazon. We give you our money, you deliver quickly.

Still, for those willing to wait, there are millions of bargains to be found, or so we’re told.

Bargains galore in 2021

Prime Day ends (Amazon Prime trial link). 

Amazon Prime Day 2021 – Live Amazon Device Deals

  • Echo (4th Gen) | With premium sound, smart home hub, and Alexa | Twilight Blue – $74.99 (save $25) – Shop deal now
  • Echo Show 8 Sandstone with Amazon Smart Plug – Shop deal now
  • Echo Show 5 (1st Gen, 2019 release) – $44.99 (save $35) – Shop deal now
  • Fire HD 10 Tablet 10.1-inch 1080p full HD display, 64 G

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Gen Z’s financial boom living with parents comes with baggage



In an era marked by sky-high housing costs, many members of Generation Z are refusing to leave home.

While this arrangement offers financial relief in the form of reduced rent, the hidden costs, both emotional and financial, are beginning to surface.

Business Insider, in an analysis of recent surveys and personal accounts, reveals that Gen Z, defined as those born after 1996 by the Pew Research Center, faces less societal stigma for living at home than previous generations, particularly millennials.

However, this lack of criticism comes with its own set of challenges that can impact young adults in profound ways.

Financial benefits

While the prospect of saving money by living with family may seem appealing, the reality is often more complicated.

Beyond the social limitations, research indicates that living at home may have adverse effects on mental health.

Studies have shown a correlation between returning to the parental home and increased depressive symptoms, as well as heightened familial tensions.

These emotional tolls can outweigh the financial benefits, casting doubt on the long-term sustainability of the arrangement.

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How will Disney’s AI strategy boost shares?



Activist investor Blackwells has called upon Disney to implement a robust artificial intelligence strategy aimed at bolstering the company’s shares.

“Disney must produce an artificial intelligence strategy, and share elements of that strategy with its shareholders.”, said Blackwells in a recent presentation.

New groove

Blackwells, known for pushing corporations to adopt innovative approaches, contends that a well-crafted AI strategy could drive shareholder value and position Disney for sustained success in the entertainment landscape.

The activist investor emphasises that harnessing the power of AI could optimise content creation, enhance customer experiences, and streamline operational efficiency within Disney.

Disney’s response

The company opposed the suggestion to replace board members with activists’ nominees, emphasising the potential disruption to ongoing progress.

Additionally, Disney disagreed with Blackwells’ proposal to spin off land and hotels into a real estate investment trust, arguing it reflected a misunderstanding of the synergies within its businesses.

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Boeing woes will lead to higher airfares: Ryanair



Ryanair, one of Europe’s leading low-cost airlines, is grappling with the possibility of scaling back its summer flight schedule due to ongoing delays in the delivery of Boeing aircraft.

The airline had initially anticipated a boost in its fleet with the arrival of new Boeing planes, enabling an expansion of routes and increased passenger capacity.

However, prolonged delays in the manufacturing and delivery process have cast a shadow over these plans.

Growing pains

The airline industry, already navigating challenges posed by the global pandemic, now confronts the additional hurdle of supply chain disruptions impacting major aircraft manufacturers.

Ryanair’s dependence on Boeing for its fleet expansion has made it particularly vulnerable to these delays.

As the summer travel season approaches, the airline faces the tough decision of either operating with a reduced fleet or adjusting its schedule, potentially impacting travel plans for passengers.

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