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Is AI a threat to journalism or its saviour?



AI was all the talk of the NAB Show in New York, as networks debate the future monetisation of the TV industry.

Ticker Founder and CEO Ahron Young appeared on the headline panel at the TV2025 Conference at the NAB Show in New York today, addressing an enthusiastic audience on the pivotal role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in transforming modern newsrooms and sales strategies within the television industry.

Young’s insight into the revolutionary integration of AI in news content highlighted its growing role in curating personalised content as well as creating more targeted sales approaches and expanding client reach.

Drawing from Ticker’s success story since its inception in 2019, he illustrated the power of strategic innovation in scaling media startups into influential players in the digital news space.

The panel, also featuring esteemed executives such as Jennifer Donohue from Disney, Tom Sly from Scripps, Sonali Pathak from NBCUniversal, and Adam Ostrow from TEGNA, delved into the prospects of FAST (Free Ad-Supported Streaming TV) platforms and AVOD (Advertising-Based Video On Demand) in the ongoing evolution of global digital news outreach.

Speaking at the session, Ahron Young remarked, “The future of the television industry hinges on our adaptability and our willingness to embrace technologies like AI. FAST platforms represent the next frontier in content consumption. AI is proving to be an important tool for journalists and allows us to version our original content across multiple platforms seamlessly.

As an industry dealing with burnout and audience fatigue, AI allows our newsrooms to implement technology as a solution. Having said that, we must safeguard the important role of journalists, original content creators, as well as human ideas.”

“At Ticker, we’ve recognised this wave of change, and we continue to experiment with and implement technologies that help us to grow.”

Young was part of the TVNewsCheck panel at the NAB Show at the Javits Convention Centre in New York.

The discussion was part of a comprehensive program focusing on the dynamic transformations within the television sector. Young’s journey with Ticker, especially amid the unpredictable media landscape, served as an example of forward-thinking strategies and resilience in the face of industry upheavals and headwinds.

“Being here at the NAB Show, thousands of kilometres from home, it’s clear how important it is for our industry to discuss and share examples of change. Some of the biggest and oldest media companies are now sitting alongside startups like Ticker, discussing and debating the way forward,” Young said.

“These discussions lay the groundwork for the future of our industry, and contributing to that is both an honour and a necessity,” Young concluded.

The NAB Show New York continues to be a melting pot of ideas, with industry leaders and influencers coming together to chart the future course of the television industry.

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Bank accidentally deposits $86M into client’s account



A financial institution mistakenly deposited over $86 million into a client’s account, causing shockwaves in the banking industry.

The error came to light when the client, a small business owner, checked their account balance and discovered the astronomical sum. It is being hailed as one of the most significant banking errors in recent memory.

The client, who wishes to remain anonymous, reportedly contacted the bank immediately upon noticing the massive windfall. Bank officials were left scrambling to rectify the error, which has raised numerous questions about the institution’s internal controls and safeguards.

The client’s account, initially holding just a few thousand dollars, suddenly displayed a balance that could buy luxury yachts, mansions, and more.

The incident has prompted investigations by regulatory authorities to determine how such an egregious error occurred in the first place.

While the bank has issued an apology and assured the client that the funds will be corrected to the proper balance, it remains unclear how this mistake could have happened on such a colossal scale.

The financial institution may also face potential legal consequences for the error, as well as reputational damage that could impact its future business.

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Tech giants drive global mega-cap surge amid inflation relief



Tech giants have taken the lead in propelling global mega-cap stocks to new heights.

This surge comes as a welcome relief for investors who have been closely monitoring the impact of rising inflation on the financial markets.

The tech sector, including giants like Apple, Amazon, and Microsoft, has been instrumental in driving the rally. These companies have reported robust earnings and strong growth prospects, which has boosted investor confidence. As a result, the market capitalization of these tech behemoths has reached unprecedented levels, contributing significantly to the overall rise in global mega-cap stocks.

The easing of inflationary pressures has played a pivotal role in this resurgence. Central banks’ efforts to tame inflation through monetary policy adjustments have begun to bear fruit, reassuring investors and stabilizing financial markets. As concerns over rapidly increasing prices recede, investors have become more willing to invest in mega-cap stocks, particularly in the tech sector, which has demonstrated resilience in the face of economic challenges.

Will the tech giants maintain their momentum and continue to lead the mega-cap surge, or are there potential risks on the horizon?

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Real reason bosses want employers back in the office



As the world gradually recovers from the pandemic, employers are increasingly pushing for their staff to return to the office after years of remote work.

The driving force behind this push is the sharp decline in commercial property values, which has left many businesses concerned about their real estate investments.

Commercial property values have plunged in the wake of the pandemic, with many companies downsizing or reconsidering their office space needs.

This has put pressure on employers to reevaluate their remote work policies and encourage employees to return to the office. #featured

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