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‘I was shaken awake’ War Correspondent describes moment missiles hit Kyiv



Russia has targeted civilian areas, but the resilience of the Ukrainian people has once again prevailed

UKRAINE WAR – It seems that Vladimir Putin is getting increasingly desperate. In the last 24 hours, Russian forces have struck several Ukrainian civilian areas, with an intent to cause damage and casualties.

This isn’t simply a case of mistaken targets, it’s a clear attempt to inflict further suffering to Ukraine and its people.

War Correspondent, Misha Zelinsky was in Kyiv as the missiles rained down.

“I was woken up by one of the attacks…I was shaken awake…

It was quite shocking for a lot of people.”

Misha zelinsky, war correspondent

Despite the adversities faced by the Ukrainian people, Zelinsky explained how resilient they are.

Shortly after the attacks on their capital, many Ukrainians gathered together to sing and huddle in solidarity. While other’s set up makeshift kiosks offering food and drinks.

On the battlefield, Ukraine is fighting back with momentum, and their forces are making advances on all fronts.

With the support of the U.S. and NATO, they are well-equipped to continue this fight and ultimately come out victorious.

“If Vladimir Putin’s plan is to intimidate Ukrainians to the point of breaking their spirit, it’s not going to work.”

misha zelinsky

Their forces are making prominent gains by taking or threatening territory Russia claimed to have control over.

Meanwhile, reports from inside Russia suggest that its army is in disarray, with little direction or strategy.

This could be the beginning of the end for Putin’s regime, however, concerns about Putin’s unpredictable behaviour is still front and centre.

Predicting the unpredictable

Following the recent strikes on civilian areas, Russia has warned of more similar attacks.

Putin often speaks about nuclear weapons, to remind the world that Russia has them.

They constitute Russia’s strongest claim to great power status. There are questions, however, about Russia’s nuclear posture and if it has or will change.

While some believe Putin’s nuclear threats are empty bluffs, but others say it’s impossible to predict what a humiliated leader like Putin will do when backed into a corner.

“Volodymyr Zelensky said today that Russia is trying to wipe Ukraine off the face of the map, and as I walk around Ukraine this morning and look at the images, it’s hard not to agree with him.”

misha zelinsky, war correspondent

“Putin talks about nuclear weapons for the sole purpose of bullying… Not just intimidating Ukraine, but intimidating the west.”

misha zelinsky, war correspondent

Holding Putin accountable

There are calls for the world to declare Russia as a terrorist state, and to bring Vladimir Putin to account.

However, that is easier said than done. Putin’s war crimes are evident but what does accountability look like at this point in time?

“More and more evidence of war crimes…Torture chambers are being revealed… Scenes we haven’t seen since WWII.”

misha zelinsky, war correspondent

How the world brings Putin and Russia back under control sets the precedent for other leaders like China’s, Xi Jinping.

If Russia can’t be stopped, what’s stopping China invading Taiwan?

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