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Streamer strife as hate-raids hit Twitch



While Twitch streamers go dark in protest of hate-raids on the platform, it’s a symptom of a larger issue within internet culture

Recently streamers have been bombarded with homophobic, racist and sexist bots, which are spamming messages in their chat for an extended period of time.

In May, Twitch introduced a feature with tags related to sexual orientation, gender, and race among others. This feature was requested by the community, but inadvertently allowed malicious hate-raids to target content creators using the tags.

Streamer BrySuperSaurus told Ticker News that while Twitch is aware of the issue, content creators on the platform want to see more done to combat hate raids and online trolling.

“Hate and hurtful, harmful comments, trolls for people on Twitch isn’t a new thing, this has been happening for a long time,” he said.

“But these hate raids and the fact bots are now doing it to people who use these tags has ramped up to an exponential amount.”

Content creators on the platform are frustrated about a perceived lack of action by Twitch, and organised a ‘day off Twitch’ on September 1st in an effort to force the company to take action.

In a statement on Twitter, Twitch said that they would do more to address the online harassment of targeting marginalised creators.

Mass bot attacks are a relatively new form of online ‘trolling’, however they are reminiscent of previous attempts carried out by online communities to harass other communities.

The 4Chan community was infamous for these raids, which often took the form of racist, homophobic or anti-Semitic behaviour.

Bot-raids are just the next evolution of these activities, where one person can create an army of bots to do the work that previously would have taken an entire community.

Reddit, one of the internet’s most popular websites, has been fighting its own battle against hate and disinformation. The website introduced quarantining subreddits in an effort to keep them separate from other communities on the website, and has banned subreddits they view as hateful or who have committed ‘brigading’, where members of the community will mass comment to troll other communities on the site.

The issues with hate-raids aren’t solely contained to Twitch, however they risk content creators leaving the platform if they don’t address it quickly.


Paint it black! Rolling Stones make a hometown comeback



The Rolling Stones have made a hometown comeback – playing to a full crowd in London’s Hyde Park

The band is headlining the city’s British Summer Time concert series, and are performing two shows over two nights.

It comes as the group celebrate a remarkable six decades together, with the performances following Adele’s stint at Hyde Park just a few days ago.

Mick Jagger, Keith Richards and Ronnie Wood, joined by Steve Jordan on the drums, rocked The Great Oak stage, with Stones fans happy to hear many of the band’s classic hits including “Satisfaction,” “Paint It Black” and “Tumbling Dice”.

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World’s first city to charge tourists for visiting



If you’re lucky to be heading abroad this summer, a visit to the famous canals in Venice, Italy might be on your itinerary, but beware of new fees to come.

Venice will charge most of its visitors an entry fee from next year as it tries to tackle overcrowding.

The city’s tourism chief says Venice are pioneers and will be the first city in the world to apply a measure that could be revolutionary.

From mid January next year, day-trippers must book their visit online before travelling.

They will pay a basic fee of 3 euro, which will rise to 10 euro at peak times.

Tourism is bouncing back in Venice after the pandemic with daily visitors again often outnumbering the 50-thousand residents of the city centre.

The scheme will be closely watched by other popular tourist destinations, overwhelmed with travellers around the world.

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Taylor Swift secretly gets engaged to Joe Alwyn



Taylor Swift is set to marry her British boyfriend Joe Alwyn, after a secret engagement

Singer Taylor Swift will tie the knot after her boyfriend of five years, Joe Alwyn, after a secret engagement months ago.

Reports suggest the couple have told their inner circle, and 32-year-old Swift only wears her ring behind closed doors.

The pair have been pictured only a handful of times on the red carpet but sources say they are both incredibly happy.

There are no specific details around the wedding, or if the couple will confirm the engagement speculation.

They’ve been together for around five years after meeting at the 2016 Met Gala.

Swift and Alwyn have collaborated on two songs in her Folklore album and three on Evermore.

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