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The murder of Haiti’s president could lead to a crisis beyond Africa | Ticker VIEWS



As the political crisis in Haiti reaches breaking point, the US will need to do more than investigate the President’s assassination

As a team of American officials investigate the assassination of Haiti’s president, the country falls into political chaos. With the US’ ties to Haiti, this emerging crisis could have impact that reach far beyond Africa.

Although the White House is still reviewing Haiti’s plea for troops to help secure the country, additional military support looks unlikely.

“I don’t know that we’re at a point now where we can say definitively that our national security is being put at risk by what’s happening there,” US secretary of Defence John Kirby said. “But clearly we value our Haitian partners. We value stability and security in that country.”

Now, the world is watching to see if the US lives up to that claim.

Three suspects in President Moïse’s murder have ties to the US

The mercenaries who murdered Jovenel Moïse entered the president’s house dressed like US Drug Enforcement agents. Haiti’s Interim Prime Minister Claude Joseph says they were “well-trained professionals”. The assasins also attacked Haiti’s first lady, who is now recovering in a Florida hospital.

Although the majority of suspects ties to the case are former Colombian soldiers, the investigators have also arrested three suspects with ties to the US. They also recently arrested a Florida-based doctor for his involvement in the assassination, alongside two Americans arrested earlier this week.

The two Americans both say they worked only as translators, and were not in the room when the mercenaries killed the president. They say their goal was to bring the president to the national palace, not kill him.

Suspects in the assassination of Haitian President Jovenel Moïse included the American citizens James Solages, left, and Joseph Vincent, second left. Credit: Business insider.

Haiti grapples for control amid leadership grab

Moïse’s murder has thrown the country into a mad scramble for leadership. Interim prime minister Claude Joseph has since made a grab for the top spot. This is despite the former president sacking him a week before his murder.

“Let’s search for harmony to advance together, so the country doesn’t fall into chaos,” warned Joseph.

Despite Joseph’s attempts to garner support from the US, eight of Haiti’s ten remaining senators have challenged Joseph’s legitimacy to rule. The group signed a resolution calling for a new government to replace the intern prime minister with Senate president, Joseph Lambert.

On Saturday, Lambert also said the Senate had postponed a swearing-in ceremony so that all senators could participate. “There is an urgent need to rebuild hope in our country,” he said on Twitter.

As violence escalates, democracy in Haiti falters

Amid the assassination and subsequent leadership scramble, Haiti’s September elections are looking unlikely. Many civil society groups have raised concerns that holding the elections would exacerbate the political crisis.

President Moïse’s assassination is only the latest in a string of the country’s misfortunes, as it struggles to recover from a massive earthquake that struck the nation over ten years ago. Human rights groups estimate gangs control about 60 per cent of the country’s territory.

Haiti also faces food and water insecurity, which have come under greater strain following the outbreak of Covid-19.

Any hope for stability rests on the country solving this latest political crisis. But the Supreme Court’s Chief Justice, who might be expected to help during the upheaval, died recently of COVID-19.

Natasha is an Associate Producer at ticker NEWS with a Bachelor of arts from Monash University. She has previously worked at Sky News Australia and Monash University as an Online Content Producer.


Should a non-strike rule apply to UK emergency staff?



Thousands of UK emergency workers are preparing to walk off the job, just days before Christmas

Thousands of UK Ambulance workers are preparing to go on strike, just days before Christmas, on December 21.

All over a pay dispute, 25,000 emergency staff are expected to walk off the job.

Hospital bosses are warning the strikes will put lives at risk and make wait times significantly longer.

“Our priority is to ensure emergency services continue to operate for those who need it.

People should continue to use NHS 111 online for urgent healthcare advice and call 999 if it is a life-threatening emergency.”

STEVE BARCLAY, Health Secretary
FILE PHOTO: Downing Street Chief of Staff Steve Barclay arrives at 10 Downing Street, in London, Britain May 25, 2022. REUTERS/Toby Melville

UK PM Rishi Sunak was pressed about the potentially fatal outcome, but Downing Street says it’s important not to ‘speculate.’

“Our focus now is on mitigating any potential detrimental impact these strikes could have.”

UK Prime minister’s office

Speaking on behalf of the workers, the health Union says the Government needs to start “genuine conversations about pay.”

“The Government will only have itself to blame if there are strikes in the NHS before Christmas.
“Ambulance staff don’t want to inconvenience anyone but ministers are refusing to do the one thing that could prevent disruption — start genuine talks about pay.”

Sara Gorton, head of health at Unison
UNISON’s Sara Gorton. Unison Centre, London, UK.

“Patients’ lives are already at risk but this government is sitting on the sidelines.
“Fail to act now to avert these strikes and the blame will rest firmly at the Government’s door.”

SHAron graham, Unite general secretary

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Bella Hadid named Model of the Year 2022



At The Fashion Awards 2022, American Bella Hadid has been crowned Model of the Year

At The Fashion Awards 2022, American Bella Hadid has been crowned Model of the Year.

In London, the 26-year-old was named winner of the prestigious award.

A title that runs in the family, with her sister Gigi claiming the win in 2016.

Unable to attend in person, Hadid sent a pre-recorded video message, with a special thanks to her refugee father and immigrant mother.

“Being the daughter of a refugee father from Palestine, and an immigrant mother from Holland, there’s a sort of work ethic that runs in our blood…

It’s not to be the best. It’s not to be better than others. It’s just to be able to succeed because our ancestors have never had an opportunity like this in their lifetime. This is for the Palestinian children. This is for the Dutch children. This is for any child, immigrant or refugee.”

bella hadid – american model

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BALANCE OF POWER: Georgia Senate Runoff



The Senate is currently split 50-50, with Democrats controlling the chamber due to Vice President Kamala Harris’ tie-breaking vote

It is decision day in Georgia where for the second time in a month, voters are heading back to the polls to select who they want to represent them in the divided U.S. Senate.

Voters in the Peach State are choosing between Republican challenger Herschel Walker and incumbent Democratic Sen. Raphael Warnock.

This race in particular will have broad implications for the rest of the country—as this matchup will determine whether Democrats increase their power in the Senate or if Republicans can hang on to their 50 seats.

On Tuesday—the final day of the election—both candidates made their final pitches.

In summing up the fight, Walker said, “A vote for my opponent is a vote for Joe Biden and a vote for Chuck Schumer and he’s showing you that. A vote for me is a vote for Georgia values.”

Meanwhile, Warnock expressed confidence but warned supports against being complacent.

“I worry that we will see this massive early voter turnout, and some will decide, ‘we don’t need your voice’ and we do. There is still a path for Herschel Walker to win this race,” Warnock said.

Election officials are expecting record turnout with more than one-million votes already cast in early voting. Polls will close this evening a 7pm and official results are expected late Tuesday evening.

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