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Global stocks hit by inflation as market trembles



Investor watches markets

The Australian federal budget is set to have a negative effect on local stocks – the ASX is tipped to open firmly lower at 10am local time.

There are fears the budget will lead to higher inflation, as Standard and Poors issued a negative outlook for Australia.

Yesterday the ASX closed down 1.1 per cent as US inflation jitters sparked US falls.

NYSE floor


Concerns about rising inflation have loomed over markets for much of this year as the US economy has heated up.

Fears about a sustained jump in inflation have weighed on growth stocks, including those in the tech sector, for much of the year,.

The Australian dollar is higher at US78.45c.

Overnight, investors around the world retreated from stocks as a selloff in technology companies spread to other sectors of the market.


Inflation occurs when prices rise, decreasing the purchasing power of your dollars. In 1980, for example, a movie ticket cost on average $2.89. By 2019, the average price of a movie ticket had risen to $9.16.

Don’t think of inflation in terms of higher prices for just one item or service, however. Inflation refers to the broad increase in prices across a sector or an industry.

Though it can be frustrating to think about your dollars losing value, most economists consider a small amount of inflation a sign of a healthy economy.

A moderate inflation rate encourages you to spend or invest your money today, rather than stuff it under your mattress and watch its value diminish.

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Concerns arose when savvy consumers noticed that the prices of various products in Target’s Black Friday promotion were the same as those listed in previous months.

Shoppers took to social media to voice their frustrations, with one customer stating, “It’s the same, I don’t get it.” This revelation has raised questions about the transparency and ethics of retailers during the holiday shopping season.

While Black Friday traditionally marks the start of the holiday shopping frenzy, with retailers offering significant discounts to entice shoppers, Target’s decision to maintain regular prices has left shoppers wondering if they are truly getting a deal.

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