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Japan’s first eSports gym proving Asia’s dominance in competitive gaming investments

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Imagine going to the gym that doesn’t require active wear, weights, burpee’s or even a drop of sweat…

Japan is opening its first gym for esports in Tokyo.

It will be a place for all gamers to train and get professional coaching, and just like the boxing ring … it will be known as ‘the competitive gaming space’

By the end of this month – amateur and professional gamers can step foot into the esports gym in the country’s capital city.

Gamers can join a lounge of PCs fitted out with some of Japan’s most popular games, including Valorant and League of Legends.

Just like a regular gym – people can opt for a one off visit, buy a monthly membership or pay extra for a personal coaching session.

This year global eSports revenue will reach over $1 billion dollars and Investors are taking notice.

eSports is dominated by Asia and this gym isn’t the first for the region…

There’s a 24-hour one in Singapore and a 10-story facility in South Korea.

South Korea’s T1 eSports empire

In South Korea, professional gamers have access to a Nike-sponsored gym, nutritionists, cafeteria, and English language classes

The Tokyo Olympics are set to kick off in Just 80 days, featuring traditional sports like weight lifting, swimming and basketball…

But digital athletes may be able to win a medal by the next olympics in China, where a major eSports hub is currently being built.

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Disney inks deal with MLB and LaLiga to ESPN+ as streaming revenue slows

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Disney is expanding its presence in the wide world of sports.

Disney has signed on a new seven-year agreement with Major League Baseball and an eight-year pact with Spain’s LaLiga soccer league.

This is latest in a series of sports-programming deals by the entertainment giant of the world.

It’s already the parent of ESPN and now set to broadcast 30 regular MLB games per season.

The soccer deal gives ESPN+ rights to the English and Spanish-language coverage of LaLiga.

It’s all part of ESPN sports-rights renewal binge that’s been happening this year.

Is this a bid to boost subscribers to Disney affiliated networks? The two sports deals represent a big financial commitment. 

“ESPN’s longstanding relationship with Major League Baseball has been a driver of innovation for three decades,” ESPN Chairman Jimmy Pitaro said in a statement.

“This agreement solidifies baseball’s ubiquitous presence across ESPN platforms, including ESPN+.”

According to Bloomberg, Disney will pay $175 million a year for soccer, according to a person familiar with the matter, which would be more than the Premier League’s deal with Comcast Corp.’s NBC.

“For the baseball deal, the sports news site the Athletic reported earlier this year that Disney could be paying as much as $150 million a year less for the package,” Bloomberg said.

It previously had an eight-year deal worth $5.8 billion for considerably more games.

This follows Walt Disney Co missing analysts’ estimates for quarterly revenue.

The slump is being blamed on a decrease in new subscribers to Dinsey Plus and operations at its theme parks remaining restricted.

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The move behind EPL’S $7 billion broadcasting deal extension

Brittany Coles



English Premier League soccer clubs have renewed their existing UK broadcast deals to avoid money loss.

The English Premier League soccer championship has agreed a proposal for a three-year renewal of U.K. live and non-live broadcast agreements with Sky Sports, BT Sport, Amazon Prime Video and BBC Sport.

EPL has signed with the major networks from 2022-2025 to avoid an auction process that could have lost them money.

Skipping the auction will be a relief to England’s top 20 clubs as revenues from domestic broadcast rights deals were expected to fall.

Premier League chief executive said the deal would play a major role in a return to normality for the competition and clubs.

The rights deal worth £5 billion ($7 billion) was agreed in 2018.

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The wealthiest megastar to top Forbes 2021 highest paid athletes list

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Conor McGregor has been named the world’s highest paid athlete for 2021

The mixed martial arts star raked in a massive 180 Million US dollars.

He only fought once in the octagon during the report period… with the majority of his earnings coming from his businesses successes – including the sale of his Proper Twelve whiskey brand.

Barcelona’s Lionel Messi was second on the list with 130 Million US and then Cristiano Ronaldo on 120 Million.

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