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“Do not come to the U.S” Harris’ blunt message to Guatemala



Vice President Kamala Harris has arrived in Central America and has sent a blunt message to those trying to enter the US illegally

Vice President Harris is on a delicate diplomatic mission: Offer a message of hope to the people of Guatemala and other countries in the region, but discourage them from trying to cross the U.S.’ southern border because they won’t be welcomed on the other side.

Her approach on her first ever foreign trip as the vice president of the USA was to simply, be blunt.

Sending a strong, clear message:

Harris pleaded with migrants from Central America to not make their way across the US border.

Harris also announced a range of new initiatives and measures, including a task force to reduce human trafficking, a woman’s empowerment program, and an anti-corruption group.

The United States will also boost its pandemic support for the nation, sending half a million coronavirus vaccines to Guatemala in the coming months.

But the main takeaway from the address was certainly migration, with Harris saying “do not come”

“The goal of our work is to help Guatemalans find hope at home,” Harris said in a press conference with Guatemalan President Alejandro Giammattei.

“At the same time, I want to be clear to folks in the region who are thinking about making that dangerous trek to the United States-Mexico border: Do not come. Do not come,”

Harris added that those that attempt to cross the border will be “turned back.”

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NASA astronauts phone home, confident Boeing’s Starliner will return to Earth safely



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The astronauts, over a video call to NASA, highlighted Starliner’s enhanced safety features and testing protocols as reassuring factors for their safe return.

“I have a real good feeling in my heart that this spacecraft will bring us home, no problem…”, said Sunita “Suni” Williams, one of the stranded NASA astronauts.

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Franchising provides brand recognition, operational support, and economies of scale but involves ongoing fees.

Independent businesses offer full control and profit retention but face higher costs and regulatory challenges.

For risk and reward, the franchising model reduces risk through established practices and support but involves ongoing fees and profit-sharing with the franchisor.

On the alternative, independent businesses retain full control of profits but face higher risks and responsibilities in managing the business.

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