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DeSantis dumps campaign manager as momentum collapses



Republican Ron DeSantis, seeking to reverse his campaign’s declining momentum, has replaced his campaign manager in a bid to rejuvenate his challenge against front-runner Donald Trump for the 2024 Republican nomination.

Generra Peck, who had been the campaign chief since DeSantis launched his candidacy in May, has been replaced by James Uthmeier, a close adviser, according to Andrew Romeo, the campaign’s communications director.

In July, the campaign had already made significant personnel changes, including the termination of nearly 40 employees and reorganization of certain higher-level positions.

However, there is a sense of unease among donors, and some remaining staff members are expressing frustration with what they perceive as a directionless campaign lacking a clear vision, sources close to the campaign revealed on the condition of anonymity.

Prominent Republican donor Dan Eberhart commented that the move appears insufficiently bold, as both Peck and Uthmeier are essentially shifting from one senior campaign role to another similar role. Peck will continue as the chief strategist within the campaign team.

Eberhart emphasized that Governor DeSantis needs to alter the dynamics significantly, given the evident need for change. He viewed this as a realignment rather than a true reset, since both individuals were already in senior advisory positions.

Currently, DeSantis holds the second position in the race for the Republican nomination to challenge Democratic President Joe Biden in the November 2024 election. However, his standing in public opinion polls has been steadily declining for several months. The most recent Reuters/Ipsos poll indicates his national support at just 13%, far behind former President Trump’s 47%.

Uthmeier, a staunch conservative, has limited experience with campaigns and electoral politics in general. It remains unclear whether he will pursue a more moderate ideological approach, as suggested by some donors.

Having previously served as a senior adviser for Wilbur Ross, the secretary of commerce under the Trump administration, Uthmeier has held positions as general counsel for DeSantis and, most recently, as his chief of staff.

Romeo, the communications director, issued a statement asserting that James Uthmeier, a longstanding top adviser to Governor DeSantis, is crucially positioned to collaborate closely with Generra Peck and the rest of the team. Their objective is to position the governor favorably to secure victory in the primary and subsequently challenge Joe Biden.

The recent removal of Peck from her role follows an announcement by Robert Bigelow, a prominent individual donor supporting DeSantis’ candidacy. Bigelow stated that he would withhold further donations unless the governor alters his approach, citing the ineffectiveness of extremism in gaining electoral success. Bigelow regarded Peck as a competent campaign manager but urged DeSantis to adopt a more moderate stance.

Regarding the looming Republican debate on August 23 in Milwaukee, DeSantis faces a pivotal moment. With Trump’s intention to skip the debate, DeSantis could become the target of criticism from other candidates.

David Polyansky, a key figure in the main outside spending group supporting DeSantis, is reportedly joining the campaign as a senior adviser, according to an anonymous source familiar with the matter.

This recent shakeup aligns with a pattern seen in DeSantis’ previous campaigns, according to Whit Ayres, a Republican operative who served as DeSantis’ pollster during his 2018 Florida gubernatorial campaign.


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Why are we desperate for modern tech?



Unraveling the crucial role in modern tech infrastructure

In the dynamic landscape of digital advancements, data centres stand as the unsung heroes, anchoring the core of modern technology infrastructure. Exploring this integral aspect, we delve into the significance of data centres in today’s interconnected world.

As the pace of digitalisation quickens, data centres take the forefront, becoming indispensable for the seamless functioning of our increasingly interconnected global ecosystem. The growing complexities, sizes, and scales of these centres, raising pertinent questions about their impact on sustainability. The expanding footprint of data centres contributes positively or negatively to the quest for a more environmentally conscious world.

Against the backdrop of omnipresent digital infrastructure, the focus shifts to the resilience of data centres. Key factors ensuring the robustness of these centres are explored, underscoring their critical role in maintaining uninterrupted digital services. However, the rising pressure on power grids introduces concerns about potential blackouts and their unforeseen consequences for Australian businesses.

Joe Craparotta, Vice President for the IT business at Schneider Electric, sheds light on the pivotal role data centres play in our interconnected world.

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Taylor Swift named Time magazine’s Person of the Year



Taylor Swift has emerged victorious in a prestigious competition for Time Magazine’s Person of the Year, surpassing stiff contenders such as Barbie, King Charles III, and Sam Altman.

In a surprising turn of events, the globally renowned pop sensation, known for her chart-topping hits and captivating stage presence, has captured the hearts and minds of millions worldwide, cementing her status as a cultural icon.

Swift’s impact extends far beyond the realm of music.

Her relentless advocacy for social causes, from gender equality to LGBTQ+ rights, has resonated deeply with a diverse audience, transcending boundaries and generations. Time Magazine acknowledges her remarkable influence on society, celebrating her not only as an artist but as a force for positive change.

The news of Swift’s triumph has ignited discussions across the globe, sparking debates on the significance of pop culture in shaping the world’s social and political landscape.

Her journey from country sensation to global superstar and activist exemplifies the power of artistry and advocacy to make a profound impact.

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Andrew Forrest demands fossil fuel executives’ accountability at UN COP28



Mining magnate and philanthropist Andrew Forrest made an impassioned call for accountability during a sideline interview at the UN COP28 climate conference.

In an extraordinary outburst, Forrest demanded that fossil fuel industry leaders be held responsible for their contributions to climate change.

Speaking to reporters, Forrest stated, “It’s time for the heads of fossil fuel executives to be on spikes – not literally, of course, but figuratively. We cannot continue to ignore the devastating impact these industries have on our planet. The time for action is now.”

Forrest’s comments come as world leaders gather to address the climate crisis and set ambitious targets for reducing carbon emissions. He emphasized the urgent need for a transition to cleaner energy sources and a shift away from fossil fuels.

The mining billionaire’s outspoken stance has sparked a debate among conference attendees, with some applauding his fervor for climate action and others cautioning against such extreme rhetoric.

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