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China censors online trolls attacking figure skater that fell during the Winter Olympics



It appears China has censored social media vitriol directed at nineteen-year-old Beverly Zhu, after the figure skater took a tumble at the Olympics

She was born and raised in the United States but now competes for China under the name Zhu Yi.

The Olympian came last in the women’s singles short program in the team event after crashing into a wall failing to land a jump.

She then proceeded to miss another jump later in her routine, receiving major backlash on social media for her performance.

On the Chinese social media platform Weibo, the hashtag #ZhuYiFellOver accumulated over 230 million views.

By Sunday evening, the hashtag appeared to have been censored.

Another hashtag — #ZhuYiMessedUp — remains accessible, which has over 80 million views.

Zhu said after the race that she felt a lot of pressure because she knows everybody in China was pretty surprised with the selection for ladies’ singles.

“I’m upset and a little embarrassed,”


There was little empathy for Zhu online, one Weibo user received 11,000 likes on their post that read: “This is such a disgrace.”

Even though Zhu finished with the lowest score, China fell from third to fifth place still allowing them to compete in the next round.

Written by Savannah Pocock

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Liverpool to host Eurovision Song Contest



After months of build-up, the British city of Liverpool has finally taking the reins as the official host of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest

Competing countries have also found out which semi-final they will be in and who their rivals will be.

Germany, Italy and France will all vote in the first semi final, while, the U.K., Spain and Ukraine will all cast their votes in the second semi-final.

Ukraine won the Eurovision Song Contest contest last year and should be this year’s host – but the ongoing war means the country is unable to.

The semi-finals, and the final, will be held in Liverpool in May.

Eurovision 2023 marks the first year ever that non-participating countries can vote.

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Pet fish playing Nintendo Switch rack up credit card bill



Pet fish playing a video game in Japan have managed to log on to the Nintendo Switch store, change their owner’s avatar, set up a PayPal account and rack up a credit card bill

And it was all seemingly livestreamed on a YouTube channel, in real time.

The channel owner, Mutekimaru, had previously installed sophisticated motion detection tracking software in fish tanks, enabling the fish to remotely control a Nintendo Switch console.

But the technology, led to an unexpected turn of events earlier this month while the owner was live-streaming a game of Pokémon.

The fish managed to change the name of their owner’s Switch account before twice logging into the Nintendo store.

They also managed to “check” legal terms and conditions, downloaded a new avatar and even set up a PayPal account from the Switch.

The fish were also seen adding 500 yen to the Switch account from the owner’s credit card during the livestream – exposing his credit card details in the process.

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BuzzFeed to use ChatGPT-created content on website



BuzzFeed is set to go by on A.I-generated content, with the company to use ChatGPT to create content for the site

The media giant plans to use the service to generate quizzes and further personalise its user experience.

“If the past 15 years of the internet have been defined by algorithmic feeds that curate and recommend content, the next 15 years will be defined by AI and data helping create, personalise and animate the content itself,” BuzzFeed Chief Executive Jonah Peretti recently said.

BuzzFeed recently announced that it would be cutting 12 per cent of its workforce to rein in costs.

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