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BBC reputation “highly damaged” following Diana interview report



BBC reputation “highly damaged” after judge releases findings on 1995 Princess Diana interview

The UK’s Home Secretary, Pritti Patel says the BBC’s reputation has been “highly damaged” due to damning findings coming out of an investigation into Princess Diana’s interview.

Patel says it has been “utterly heartbreaking” to hear Prince William and Harry speak in “very personal terms” about the 1995 BBC interview with Diana.

She says the interview compromised the network’s reputation.

UK Home Secretary Priti Patel
BBC / Image BBC

Report finds BBC commissioned fake documents to secure interview

This comes as retired judge Lord Dyson released the report that found journalist Martin Bashir to be unreliable and dishonest.

The report concludes that Bashir seriously breached the broadcaster’s rules by commissioning fake documents to organise the interview with Diana.

The BBC is nearing its mid-term review. The home secretary says this will be “a very significant and serious moment” and “lessons will have to be learned”.

Prince William slams BBC over Diana interview

This follows Prince William and his brother Harry slammed the BBC, with the brothers calling for its flagship current affairs program to be axed.

The interview, conducted by Martin Bashir, aired intimate details of Diana’s divorce from Prince Charles and her affair with James Hewitt.


Chinese spacecraft captures rare images of Mars



A Chinese spacecraft has captured images of Mars circling around the planet over 13 hundred times

The crewless shuttle reached the Red Planet early last year… deploying a robotic rover.

Some of the photos captured the south pole… a first for China.

The area is known for its large water reserve… hidden under the south pole ice, which was detected by the European Space Agency’s orbiting probe.

Water is a key element in determining whether a planet has the potential for life.

Other images include a 4,000 kilometre long canyon and impact craters in the north of Mars.

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Woody Allen considers retiring from film-making



Film-maker Woody Allen is not ruling out that his next movie may be his last

The 86-year-old director and comedian held an Instagram Live interview with Alec Baldwin.

He says the filming will begin on his next film in the coming months, but he admits that most of the thrill that goes into film-making has gone.

He says there was excitement when he was seeing his films played on the big screen. But says people streaming at home has changed his passion.

Allen hasn’t stayed away from the headlines including a fall from grace when his adopted daughter accused him of sexually abusing her as a child.

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Disgraced socialite Ghislaine Maxwell sentenced to 20 years in prison



Disgraced socialite Ghislaine Maxwell has been sentenced to 20 years in prison for helping Jefferey Epstein abuse young girls

The 60-year-old was convicted back in December for her part in both recruiting and trafficking four girls, who were then abused by Epstein.

Epstein killed himself in his Manhattan jail cell back in 20-19 while awaiting his own sex trafficking trial.

One of Maxwell’s accusers spoke outside the New York court, saying Maxwell should should die in prison.

When handing down Maxwell’s sentence, the judge said the former socialite’s actions were both heinous and predatory.

She says Maxwell worked with Epstein to select young victims who were vulnerable, playing a pivotal role in facilitating sexual abuse.

#MeToo trial

It was one of the highest-profile cases in the wake of the #MeToo movement, which encouraged women to speak out about sexual abuse, often at the hands of wealthy and powerful people.

In often emotional and explicit testimony during the trial, four women testified that Maxwell was a central figure in their abuse by Epstein.

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