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Australian Covid outbreak: country wakes up to chaos amid incoming surge



Australian residents are on high alert after a number of Covid outbreaks across the nation, with authorities warning the worst is yet to come

The Australian Federal Cabinet’s national security committee is expected to meet today to discuss the recent national Covid outbreak.

On Sunday, authorities recorded 37 new locally acquired Covid-19 infections in four separate jurisdictions.

Australia has largely been able to successfully manage the virus, but these recent outbreaks have authorities concerned.

Greater Darwin has entered a 48-hour lockdown

The territory’s Chief Minister called the outbreak the region’s ‘biggest coronavirus threat’ to date.

In Western Australia, residents in Perth and some surrounding regions are now subject to tougher restrictions.

New South Wales hits breaking point

Meanwhile, the situation in New South Wales is at breaking point after the Bondi cluster rose to 110 cases over the weekend. 19 of the cases were not in isolation while they were infectious.

“I also do want to foreshadow that given how contagious this strain of the virus is, we do anticipate that in the next few days case numbers are likely to increase even beyond what we’ve seen,” said State Premier Gladys Berejiklian.

Greater Sydney, the Blue Mountains, the Central Coast, Wollongong and Shellharbour have started a two-week lockdown as a result.

Other states enact tougher border restrictions to prevent further spread

The states of Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania have all enacted tougher border restrictions with neighbouring regions.

Meanwhile, the Australian Capital Territory is enforcing mask-wearing for the first time since the pandemic began.

The Northern Territory recently recorded four local cases linked back to a miner who flew in from Queensland

Can mixing and matching COVID-19 vaccines help manage the Australian Covid outbreak?

This comes as Australia fails to quickly vaccinate the population. Some experts have suggested that mixing different types of Covid vaccines might be a potential solution.

Dr John Hart says people can receive the AstraZeneca vaccine as the first dose, then Pfizer or Moderna as the second dose.

“Many countries around the world, like Australia, have recommended that people in younger age groups don’t receive the AstraZeneca vaccine.”

Germany, France, Sweden, Denmark and Norway are among the countries that are advising mixed vaccination schedules.


Over 20 young people mysteriously die at nightclub



Authorities in South Africa are investigating the deaths of 22 people, who were mysteriously found in a nightclub

Victims were found spread across the tables and floors in a coastal town.

They have been taken for testing, as authorities scramble to find a cause of death.

South Africa’s President is sending his “deepest condolences” to families of the victims, most of whom are teenagers.

The tragedy has taken place during Youth Month, where South Africa pushes for more opportunities to help young people from poor socio-economic backgrounds.

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Deadly stadium collapse at bullfighting event in Columbia



At least four people have died, and 500 injured at a bullfighting stadium in Columbia

Videos show a stand collapsing during the event, as emergency workers race to help.

Local media reports that hospitals have begun helping those who were injured.

The nation’s newly-elected President is calling for an end to bullfighting, tweeting that tragedies like this have already happened in the past.

He is urging local authorities to not allow more shows that involve the death of people or animals.

Investigations continue into the cause of the collapse.

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Climate Change

Major disruption in Sydney as climate protesters take to the streets



There’s been major disruption across Sydney, as climate protesters take to the streets and block CBD roads

NSW Police officers chased dozens of climate protesters who were seen throwing milk crates, and barricades.

One demonstrator blocked the entry to one of the busiest thoroughfares in the city.

Members from Blockade Australia kicked off the rally by attempting to stop flowing traffic by dragging rubbish bins, construction barriers and building material into the middle of the road.

The Sydney Harbour Tunnel has now reopened but the organisation says it will hold more protests this week.

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