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“Lockdowns can’t go forever”: Australian PM attacks state leaders



Australian prime Minister Scott Morrison has said that the country “has to move forward” and ditch lockdowns as soon as it reach 70 percent vaccination rate

The Australian Prime Minister has lashed out at state leaders who have threatened to enforce restrictions beyond 70% vaccination.

Several states have threatened to keep their borders closed even after achieving this vaccination rate amid the country’s Delta outbreak.

‘It does puzzle me – it puzzles me – why anyone would want to go against a plan that has been so carefully prepared,’ he said. 

‘This is not a sustainable way to live in this country, without those freedoms that we all cherish,’ he said about lockdowns in Melbourne and Sydney.

“We will live with this virus, like we live with other infectious diseases”

“There will be risks,” he said. “If not when we hit 70 or 80 per cent, then when?”

Australia’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison

This comes after Morrison saying this morning that Australians should start to change their perceptions about Covid-19.

He also said that the nation should expect a rise in infections once vaccination levels increase and restrictions are eased.

Today, Melbourne and the state ofVictoria recorded 71 new local COVID-19 cases, the highest daily number in this outbreak

On Sunday, Sydney and the state of New South Wales recorded 830 new coronavirus infections – the highest daily number ever for Australia during the pandemic.

Compared with many other nations, Australia has had a fairly successful Covid strategy – with around 44 thousand positive cases and just under 1 thousand deaths.

But frustration is growing around lockdowns and coronavirus-related restrictions.

Protestors gather in Australia’s major cities to rally against the nation’s lockdown measure


Over the weekend, thousands of protestors gathered in various locations right around the country, demanding change.

Morrison says he recognises the “heavy toll” that the strict coronavirus elimination measures have on residents and businesses… but the end is in sight.

He says that lockdowns are “sadly necessary for now”, and his government will “keep providing health and income support to get people through”.

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Hurricane Ian could be Florida’s deadliest storm



Hurricane Ian could be Florida’s deadliest storm as it continues north towards South Carolina

U.S. President Joe Biden says Hurricane Ian could be the deadliest storm in the region’s history, with early reports suggesting substantial loss of life.

Biden spoke at an afternoon briefing at the headquarters of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (Fema).

Ian made landfall on Wednesday local time near the city of Fort Myers. It has led to severe flooding, high winds and storm surges.

Several areas remain submerged, and more than 2.5 million homes are without power.

Many residents are trapped in their homes and unable to escape. Search and rescue teams are working around the clock to provide assistance where they can.

5,000 Florida National Guard troops and 2,000 Guardsman from surrounding states have been deployed.

Eight teams with 800 members are carrying out search and rescue operations.

More than 200 public shelters have now been opened, housing around 34,000 people.

The National Hurricane Centre has downgraded Ian to a tropical storm for now but warns it will likely become a hurricane again later.

The entire coast of South Carolina is just the latest region to be placed on high alert as the storm continues north on its path of destruction.

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Finland slams its borders shut on Russia



Finland will officially closed its border to Russian tourists, marking the last of Moscow’s E-U neighbours to do so.

Finland will close its border with Russia as Poland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania also closed theirs.

The Finnish government made the decision following Vladimir Putin’s decision to call-up of 300,000 military reservists.

Queue’s at Russia’s border crossings with E-U nations were stretching for kilometres as people attempted to flee the country.

The closure of the border only applies to tourists – and Russians who are visiting family or travelling for work or study will still be granted entry.

The Finnish Foreign Minister stated that the decision was a difficult one to make, but ultimately it was in the best interest of the country.

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Queen’s death certificate has been released



Queen Elizabeth II’s death certificate has been released, and reveals Her Majesty died of old age.

The document, signed by Queen’s daughter Princess Anne, says Queen Elizabeth II passed away peacefully at 3:10 p.m. on September 8.

The 96 year old was surrounded by family at Balmoral Castle in Scotland as she took her final breaths.

Now laid to rest in St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle, Queen Elizabeth II’s period of national mourning has concluded.

When she was alive there was a curtain of privacy around the Queen’s health, and in her death there remains some restraint.

Her cause of death is recorded as “old age”, without any further details.

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