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Australia investigates Chinese lease on nation’s ‘northern gateway’ for Australasian trade



The Australian Government is reviewing the ownership of a port owned by a Chinese company.

It’s questioning whether the controversial lease of the Darwin Port should be scrapped.

A 99-year-lease contract that has unsettled Australia’s security officials, could be torn up… escalating further tensions with China.

The Australian Government is reviewing the ownership of a port owned by a Chinese company.

The port is in a calculated position, located in the top end of Australia in the city of Darwin.

It’s used as a base of US Marines.

The port has been leased by Landbridge for the past six years, but there are still security concerns about the $500 million arrangement.

The nation’s defence officials are now investigating whether the company should give up its ownership for the sake of national interests.

Australia’s Defence Minister Peter Dutton

It comes on the back of China accusing Australia of economic coercion.

China slammed Australia’s decision last month, to use new laws to cancel the Belt-and-Road agreements with the Victorian state government.

Now there is speculation that Prime Minister Scott Morrison may use the same laws, to scrap long-term leases held by Chinese companies at ports in Darwin and Newcastle.


China is Australia’s largest trading partner for goods and services

The lease of the Darwin Port is still valid for another 93 years.

So should land-bridge be forced to give up its ownership of the port… there is no doubt relations between the nations will shrivel even further.


Four dead in Russian military plane crash



Four people have been killed after a Russian military plane suffered an engine malfunction

The plane reportedly crashed in the city of Ryazan, which is located southeast of Moscow.

It’s believed five others are also injured. However, it is unclear how many were on board.

The Ilyushin IL-76 military cargo plane is a long-range aircraft, which can reportedly carry over 100 troops.

An Ilyushin IL-76 aircraft, which is similar to the one involved in the incident.

Local authorities say the plane suffered a malfunction while on a training flight.

Russia’s Defence Minister is yet to give any further details on the crash, or about the victims.

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Double election defeat for UK Conservatives



British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Conservatives have suffered defeat in two parliamentary by-elections

UK Conservatives have lost two crucial seats in England, which could spark concerns about Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s future.

The centrist Liberal Democrat party won the seats of Tiverton and Honiton.

The seats are in a Conservative part of south-west England, where a majority of 24,000 has been overturned.

The Liberal Democrats say it is their biggest ever majority turn around at a parliamentary by election.

“Tonight, the people of Tiverton and Honiton have spoken for Britain. They’ve sent a loud and clear message: It’s time for Boris Johnson to go, and go now.”

winning candidate Richard Foord

The losses have renewed calls for Prime Minister Boris Johnson to resign after a police investigation into gatherings at his Downing Street offices.

Johnson recently survived a vote of no-confidence, which secured his term as Prime Minister for another 12 months.

It also follows the Conservatives winning a landslide majority in three decades during the last national election.

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Protestors disrupt Chinese ambassador’s speech in Sydney



Protesters are causing disruptions during an address by China’s Ambassador to Australia

Xiao Qian is in Sydney, where is he speaking about how to improve ties between the two countries.

One protester described Mr Xiao as a “representative of a dictatorship” and accused the Chinese Government of committing genocide against Uyghur Muslims.

Others were heard shouting “Free Tibet”, and another was asked to leave the venue prior to the event because he was dressed in a military costume.

The speech was widely seen as an attempt to ease relations between the two countries.

China has put trade sanctions on Australia, while a recent encounter took place between a Chinese fighter jet and an Australian maritime aircraft over the South China Sea.

Security guards reportedly ushered the protesters.

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