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New plan could solve Australia’s Covid vaccine disaster



The head of Australia’s Covid-19 task force has revealed a bold new plan to ensure employees at major private sector companies are vaccinated.

Big banks, mining companies and other private businesses will all be asked to ensure their employees are fully vaccinated against the virus.

Lieutenant General John Frewen told The Age “it’s not about ripping it apart and rebuilding it, it’s about optimising it to make it go faster”.

It comes as a large proportion of Australian’s wake up under tough lockdown restrictions today in the wake of the highly-infectious Delta variant spreading through the community.

Five months into the country’s vaccination rollout program, only 7.5 million residents have received one dose – and only 1.47 million people are fully vaccinated.

The Australian government has been slammed for lagging behind so many other developed nations.

The Lieutenant-General was brought in by the Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison three weeks ago to ramp up the vaccine rollout.

He says the private sector will now be brought on board when it comes to administering the Covid jabs.

Millions in lockdown as vaccine debate heats up

Professor Gigi Foster produced a draft cost-benefit analysis for the Victorian Parliament when it comes to lockdowns.

Essentially, the reported analysed the costs of locking down against the projected benefits.

Foster says the argument of trying to balance the economy on one side, and saving lives on the other is all wrong.

She points to the human condition, or happiness, as a cost that should count in the decision-making.

Other costs include long-term impacts to education disruption at all levels, lost businesses, and increased inequality.

So why is the view of an economist so far from where our politicians appear to sit?

Australia makes overnight changes to its COVID-19 vaccination program

Prime Minister Scott Morrison says anyone under the age of 40 can now approach their General Practitioner and request the AstraZeneca vaccine.

It comes after the country’s health authorities suspended the use of AstraZeneca for people under the age of 60.

The Federal Government will also introduce mandatory jabs for aged care workers, and post-quarantine testing.

Australia currently ranks last in the OECD, with under 5 percent of its population fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

It follows the Federal Government’s Intergenerational Report considering the impacts of ongoing lockdowns and closed borders on the nation’s economy.

Australia’s Shadow Treasurer says more needs to be done on the vaccine front, to secure the nation’s future.

Another state in lockdown

Brisbane has become the fourth Australian city ordered into lockdown after two new locally-acquired cases were detected overnight.

South East Queensland, Townsville, Palm Island and Magnetic Island will enter a three day lockdown from 6PM AEST tonight to stop the spread of COVID-19.

Queensland Health are urging all of the 2,500 Magnetic Island residents to get tested, whether they have symptoms or not.

The risk-sensitive Australian dollar

The Australian Dollar is the worst-performing major currency this quarter.

It follows rising COVID-19 cases of the Delta variant, which has sent the nation’s most populous city, Sydney back into lockdown.

But Australia is not alone. In South Africa, tightening of COVID-19 restrictions is reversing the currency’s market-beating gains made in May to the worst emerging-market performance in June.

Market experts believe the new Delta variant remains a severe problem for much of the world and economic forecasts will need to be revisited.

A range of new restrictions and delays to planned re-openings have forced a re-think of the global reflation, hurting the currencies of nations facing outbreaks, and the revival in global trade.


U.S. Reveals Missile Defence Strategy



The U.S. Strategic Command has revealed one of it’s goals for missile defence, Admiral Charles Richard, said the utmost priority is a vigorous missile warning capability

The head of the U.S. Strategic Command, Admiral Charles Richard, said the utmost need is a vigorous missile warning capability.

In regards to the critical nature of missile warning systems -Admiral Charles Richard said “I know what to do and how to posture and dispose my forces, and it’s due to these rapidly expanding and evolving threats: hypersonic weapons, cruise missiles potentially with intercontinental range, unmanned aerial systems, proliferation of shorter-range ballistic missiles and several novel weapon systems”.

Last year China tested a hypersonic missile,

And Richard says that this is a prime example of an emerging capability.

And with these types of weapons, Richard says the US is face to face with decreased warning ability.

Arguing his case for the importance of developing advanced missile warning capabilities, the chief of the US Strategic Command also said that part of the deterrence strategy is “the need to reevaluate and readjust our missile defense posture”.

What Richard is talking about exactly is to have the capacity to defeat missile threats even before the shot is fired.

And if the US develops the technology to do this to even the most advanced weapons systems- it will be a game changer.

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Actress Denise Dowse passes away



Actress and Director Denise Dowse has passed away at the age of 64.

Dowse was most known for her roles in “Beverly Hills 90210”, “Insecure” and ‘Ray”, as well as appearances in shows such as ‘Charmed”, “The West Wing” and “Law and Order”.

Dowse’s sister, Tracy, made the announcement about her sister’s death on the actress’ Instagram account.

The actress was also a strong advocate for African American theatre, and dedicated to sharing her profession with children.

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Tom Holland firms as favourite for James Bond role



Actor Tom Holland has had his chances of playing the prized role of James Bond strengthened over other contenders.

According to reports, the producers want to cast a younger-looking actor who happens to also be under 5’10”.

The 26-year-old fits both categories, but this also rules out several other people, including Idris Elba and Tom Hardy.

Producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson won’t be revealing too many more details, as the identity of the actor playing the role won’t be known until next year.

There are reports that the next actor will play 007 in an origin story in the future.

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