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World’s first electric flying race car makes history | Ticker VIEWS



Alauda’s’Airspeeder’ electric flying racing car uses a virtual force field to bring us closer to the future

The future of car racing is here, with the world’s first electric flying racing car. The car successfully hit the skies in a secret location in South Australia over the weekend.

“We are proud to introduce a sport that redefines what humans and machines can achieve together”

Matthew Pearson, Founder, Airspeeder and Alauda Aeronautics

Big name pilots and sci-fi tech

Airspeeder plans to attract ‘elite pilots’ from aviation, motorsport and eSports backgrounds to remotely pilot the vehicles across AI enabled ‘sky tracks.’

 The team already includes technical experts, engineers and designers from big-names including F1, Mclaren, Brabham, Boeing, Mclaren, Jaguar and Rolls-Royce.

Airspeeder’s Founder said the technology delivers on the promise of a future first shown in science fiction”.

Electric flying car Grand Prix could be on the cards as soon as 2021

The successful trial flights means the crew-less electric flying car Grand Prixs will take place as soon as this year.

The company says moving racing to this space will improve “key safety, performance and dynamics technologies”.

Up to four teams with two remote pilots per team will compete in  three individual events. Audiences will be able to watch these races online via a live stream.

The racers will “take a seat in a simulator environment that mimics the dynamics and ergonomics of the Mk3 cockpit environment.”

The races will even include stimulated pit stops, using a  ‘slide and lock’ system to remove and replace batteries on the ground.

$1.5 trillion technology

Morgan Stanley predicts the technology will be worth $1.5 trillion by 2040.

The company also says they expect the tech to go much further than racing, with emerging applications in ‘air logistics’ and ‘remote medical care’.

The technology also has the potential to “liberate cities from congestion though clean-air passenger applications like air taxis”, says Airspeeder.

“These historic first flights are just the start and we are all excited to begin a momentous new chapter in motorsport’s rich legacy.”  

Airspeeder press releasE

Alauda Airspeeder design, performance & safety

The Alauda Airspeeder Mk3 draws its design inspiration from the classic forms of racing cars from the 1950s and 60s.

The company’s head of design Felix Pierron says the car “melds F1 car dynamics with the profile of a fighter jet and function of helicopter.”

At maximum power the craft delivers 320kW, weighing in at only 130kg. The vehicle can lift a weight of more than 80kg.

Natasha is an Associate Producer at ticker NEWS with a Bachelor of arts from Monash University. She has previously worked at Sky News Australia and Monash University as an Online Content Producer.


Williams loses first round at Wimbledon



There’s been a bit of drama on the court as the most prestigious tennis Grand Slam gets underway

Spectators filled the All England Club on Monday to watch the biggest tennis stars hit the court at Wimbledon.

After coming back from a lengthy break, Serena Williams lost in three sets to 24-year-old, Harmony Tan.

“When I saw the draw, I was really scared. I don’t know what to say, I’m so emotional now because she’s a superstar,” Tan says.

Tan took the first set 7-5, before Williams took over 6-1. Tan fought back to win a thrilling third set tie-breaker.

“Because it’s Serena Williams, she’s a legend. I was like, oh my God. How can I play? If I could win one game, or two games, it’s really good for me.”


Despite her dramatic loss, the former world number one is brushing off retirement rumours.

Kyrgios spits at crowd

Meanwhile, in men’s singles, Aussie tennis star, Nick Kyrgios, caused a bit of a stir calling the chair umpire a “snitch” after she supposedly complained to the court umpire about his behaviour.

The 27-year-old will likely be up for a fine for also spitting towards a fan during the match.

Kyrgios says there was a lot of disrespect from the crowd, which is why he admitted to spitting towards a fan.

“I’ve been dealing with hate and negativity for a long time, so I don’t feel like I owed that person anything,” he says.

The ATP remains in crisis talks over Wimbledon’s Russia ban.

Katerina Kostakos contributed to this report

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Mike Riley steps down as referee chief



One of the biggest names in the referee world, Mike Riley, has confirmed he will be stepping down as head of the English League referees

After 13 years, Mike Riley has confirmed he will be stepping down from his role as managing director of Professional Game Match Officials Limited (PGMOL).

The iconic referee leader will finish his role at the end of the 2022-23 season. Riley says he has enjoyed working in such a ‘dedicated group’.

“I am proud of the contribution our match officials have made to the professional game and have enjoyed working with a such a dedicated, professional and high-quality group at all of the levels that PGMOL manages.

As the elite referee development plan begins to take shape, now is the right time to plan for the future and allow the new leadership team to build on the strong foundations that we have in place. I look forward to working with the new team over the next season and giving them my support before I step down.”

mike riley

The Premier League formally thanked Riley for his contributions and commitment over the last 13 years.

“On behalf of the Premier League, I would like to thank Mike for his valuable contribution and significant commitment to PGMOL over the last 13 years as well as his considerable service to the game as an elite referee for 20 years,” said the Premier League chief executive, Richard Masters.

“During his time at PGMOL, he has worked hard to deliver and develop high-quality match officials across the professional game and led on the implementation of VAR into the Premier League three seasons ago.”


The search is now on to replace the top spot with Riley collaborating with the new team before officially stepping down.

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Hero coach rescues U.S. swimmer at Olympic event



U.S. Swimming coach, Andrea Fuentes, has saved the life of an American Swimmer, Anita Alvarez, at the FINA World Championships

Fuentes dived into the pool to rescue unconscious Alvarez from the bottom after her Olympic qualifying event.

In a nightmare moment, the 25-year-old didn’t return for breath after her synchronised swimming event and instead began to sink.

In a split-moment decision, Coach Fuentes jumped into the pool to rescue her, after the lifeguards failed to act.

When a swimmer finishes their routine, the first thing they want to do is breathe and so I saw that instead of going up, she was going down and I told myself, ‘Something is going on’ … So I went in as fast as I could.”

Andrea Fuentes

The young Olympic medalist was unconscious and not breathing but quickly received medical attention on the edge of the pool.

She was taken to hospital and is now reportedly in ‘good health’.

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