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Affordable and Borderless PR with Coleegs



80% of businesses cannot tell their story. Why? Social Media is overcrowded with 2BN posts a day – PR Agencies are expensive and outdated – and ‘Spray and Pray’ news distribution services are ineffective.

Problems exist on the other side of the equation too; the media industry has been drastically affected by the shift to digital and social media – leaving approximately 60% of journalists looking for work or taking on self-employed roles.

Seeing that change was long overdue, entrepreneur Manni Sidhu, his cofounding team, and a global team of PR industry experts went out to tackle the problem, and built ‘Coleegs’ – an End to End platform that specializes in Media Outreach, helping businesses get published in traditional media across the globe.

Their mission – ‘To Make Media Outreach Affordable and Borderless.’

With the careful combination of world class journalists, publicists, and digital transformation the Coleegs team built a groundbreaking model for PR, unrivalled by traditional providers:

  • No Retainers – flexible media outreach plans with no expiry.
  • Clients work directly with an individual or team of international journalists and publicists with years of industry ties, knowledge, and strategic capabilities.
  • No Borders – Coleegs has journalists and publicists retained across numerous countries, able to deploy media outreach in Real Time, and at a fraction of the cost to engaging multiple agencies.
  • Performance – our team carefully selects media targets for every client project, no spray and pray.
  • Beyond Press Releases – 90% of press releases don’t get read. Coleegs secures real media coverage – Published Opinion Editorials, Features, Exclusives, Guest Commentary, TV/Radio interviews and more.

The careful application of technology into a traditionally hands-on service driven industry has been instrumental in bringing the capabilities above to market – eliminating unnecessary agency manpower and admin costs, automating time consuming workflows, and the ability to execute projects at scale via custom built collaborations tools.

The result has been beyond expectation – since inception in early 2019, Coleegs has told 200+ stories of businesses and industry leaders across 4 continents – stories that would have otherwise gone untold, and has led to our clients expanding to new markets, building thought leader credibility, growing sales, and much more.

All the while creating a social impact and securing steady income and projects for self-employed journalists across the globe, who can focus on delivery and telling amazing stories.

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Who will be the winners and losers of EV adoption?



The Australian Government has proposed the first ever fuel efficiency standard & sets regulations for Electric Vehicles.

The proposed standards will impact both traditional internal combustion engine vehicles and electric vehicles, encouraging a comprehensive shift towards eco-friendly transportation.

Electric vehicle manufacturers, such as Tesla, Nissan, and Hyundai, are likely to benefit from increased consumer interest in eco-friendly options.

Traditional automakers that have invested in hybrid and electric technologies, such as Toyota and Ford, may also find themselves on the winning side.

However, those lagging behind in the development of fuel-efficient vehicles may face a more challenging road ahead.

To discuss in detail, Matt Hobbs, CEO at Motor Trades Association of Australia, provides his insights into the realm of EVs and Government regulations. #ev #cars #tech

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Does President Biden pass the cognitive test?



White House denies President Biden memory lapse report, following a report that questioned the President’s mental competency.

The White House blasted a report that suggested President Joe Biden was suffering memory lapses, and Vice President Kamala Harris called the report “clearly politically motivated.”

The report from Special Counsel Robert Hur, a former U.S. attorney in Maryland during Republican Donald Trump’s administration, has prompted an election-year brawl and renewed questions about Biden’s advanced age.

The issue of mental competency has become a major topic in this year’s presidential campaign, as Biden, 81, and Trump, 77, are the two oldest men to have been elected president.

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“By his side” – Harry heads to London to be with King Charles



King Charles has been diagnosed with cancer, prompting him to temporarily step back from his royal duties.

The announcement came from the palace, stating that the monarch will undergo treatment to address the health issue.

The news has stirred concern among the public, as King Charles has been a symbol of stability and continuity for the nation.

The exact details of the diagnosis and treatment plan have not been disclosed, but sources close to the palace assure the public that the king is in capable hands and remains optimistic about his recovery.

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