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A peek at the new Ticker NEWS studio



Take a peek behind the scenes at our brand new, world class studio. Soon to launch on Ticker NEWS.

It’s been a long time coming. Regular viewers and followers of Ticker will know we have gone through a lot of transformations in our nearly two year journey since August 19 2019 and now.

We began in a tiny co-working space in Melbourne’s CBD. In March last year, it was time to move on in to a warehouse studio in Richmond.

The design for Ticker's new studio.
The design for Ticker’s new studio.

But within a year, that “new home” suddenly felt rather cramped. With 20 staff, and about six sets later, our growth phase brought us to Port Melbourne.

Ever since we moved in two months ago, we have been working on a new set design which is truly world class.

The Ticker studio under construction.


Designed by iconic Australian TV set designer Mal Nichols, and built by Richwood Projects, the new Ticker set will make viewers feel like they’ve dropped into a studio that belongs in New York or London.

Featuring concrete beams, Scandinavian wood features, and huge LED screens that covers an entire wall, the new studio is currently under construction in Melbourne’s south east.

The Ticker background in 3D is brought to life.

Beating lockdown, I got the chance to visit the new set as it received its first coat of paint. Turning lots of plywood and timber into an elegant design.

The new set will take Ticker to the next level, on top of our new premises and updated apps and website. The studio will feature four cameras, including an automated jib. Hosts will have a number of presenting options for Ticker NEWS and Ticker ORIGINALS programming.

The LED wall is among the most advanced in Australia and will allow us to take viewers closer into the story.

Ticker has grown from humble beginnings into a multimedia news and information company, with a monthly reach of over 4.5 million viewers.

It hasn’t been easy but it’s been a hell of a lot of fun. Stay tuned for more progress pics and of course the big reveal.

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