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16-year-old reaching new heights as youngest solo flyer



One teenager is on a roll to becoming the youngest person to fly around the world solo

16 year old Mack Rutherford began his journey near Bulgaria’s capital 2 months ago, and touched down in Kenya’s Nairobi on Wednesday.

If the dual British and Belgian national completes his quest, he will take the Guinness World record from Travis Ludlow who was 18 when he circumnavigated the world last year.

Rutherford hopes to inspire other young people to “follow their dreams”.

The pilot is travelling in a two-seater single prop ultralight aircraft, whose manufacturer, Shark Aero, refused to partner with the project, deeming it too risky.

The company says they “do not feel comfortable pushing the age limit to the lowest possible point for journeys where a certain level of risk cannot be avoided”.

Rutherford will stop by four more African and Indian Ocean countries, before flying to the Middle East, Asia and North America, after which he will return to Europe.

The pilot described some of the challenges while travelling through the Sahara desert.

The 16 year old comes from a family of pilots, getting behind the wheel for the first time at the age of seven, guided by his father.

The journey will not be the first for the Rutherfords, his older sister Zara became the youngest woman to fly around the world, aged 19.


Taylor Swift secretly gets engaged to Joe Alwyn



Taylor Swift is set to marry her British boyfriend Joe Alwyn, after a secret engagement

Singer Taylor Swift will tie the knot after her boyfriend of five years, Joe Alwyn, after a secret engagement months ago.

Reports suggest the couple have told their inner circle, and 32-year-old Swift only wears her ring behind closed doors.

The pair have been pictured only a handful of times on the red carpet but sources say they are both incredibly happy.

There are no specific details around the wedding, or if the couple will confirm the engagement speculation.

They’ve been together for around five years after meeting at the 2016 Met Gala.

Swift and Alwyn have collaborated on two songs in her Folklore album and three on Evermore.

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Amazon slaps on new restrictions, Queer community furious



Online retail giant Amazon has slapped on new restrictions that has left the LGBTQ+ community furious

Amazon has restricted search results related to Queer people and issues on its website in the United Arab Emirates

Same-sex relations are illegal in the UAE and Amazon took action after coming under pressure from authorities.

According to the New York times, The company made the decision to restrict the searches after being threatened with penalties by the UAE government.

Expressing support for LGBTQ+ rights could also be deemed an offence in the Gulf state, sparking global outrage as Pride month, which is dedicated to celebrating Queer people around the world, comes to a close.

Amazon says as a company, it remains committed to diversity and inclusion.

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Google and Apple urged to ditch TikTok amid data security concerns



Google and Apple are being urged to take down TikTok as concerns continue to grow around data being sent to China

A U.S. Federal Communications Commission member, Brendan Carr, says that TikTok poses an unacceptable national security risk due to data harvesting and Beijing’s apparent unchecked access to sensitive information.

The request will unlikely be accepted, as the Federal Communications Commissioner is not responsible for regulating app stores.

It comes as a Buzzfeed report found that employees of TikTok’s parent company, Bytedance, had been accessing U.S. users’ private information.

Carr says he will give Apple and Google until the 8th of July to respond to his request and to explain why they won’t remove the app from their app stores.

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