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Do you know the average age of a gamer? It might not be what you expect… Today on ticker gaming content creator and all-around legend Twoootles joins us as we unpack the ins and outs required to maintain a great twitch stream. We also celebrate the Twitch grassroots program which will see Twoootles feature front and center on!


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  • Mike Loder is the host of Ticker Originals. As seasoned actor and presenter, Mike is producing his own independent film. He's passionate about reporting on gaming, tech and lifestyle.

Mike Loder is the host of Ticker Originals. As seasoned actor and presenter, Mike is producing his own independent film. He's passionate about reporting on gaming, tech and lifestyle.


‘Jungle Cruise’ tallies $34.2 million in domestic debut, reaches Disney+ record



After Disney struggled during the past few weeks, the studios latest feature film “Jungle Cruise” opened to $61 million dollars worldwide.

The film was also released on Disney Plus’ Premier Access and brought in over $30 million globally on the platform.

Overall, the film, which is based on the beloved Disney theme park ride, notched more than $90 million.

The “Jungle Cruise” opening is also notable because it comes just a few days after Scarlett Johansson filed a lawsuit against Disney.


  • Jack is a journalist and producer at Ticker NEWS. He's previously worked for digital media publications in Australia and the US. Jack is particularly interested in reporting on international affairs and sport.

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Will blockbuster’s revenue rely more on streaming platform release than cinemas?



In a nod to the power of streaming platforms over cinema, Disney’s Jungle Cruise earned a third of its opening revenues from Disney+ over the weekend

Disney+ let its subscribers pay $30 to stream Jungle Cruise the same day it hit theaters.

Theatre release of Disney’s Jungle Cruise – cinema debut on July 30.

Disney+ release of Disney’s Jungle Cruise also on July 30.

 According to The Hollywood Reporter, early revenue totals from the entertainment giant show that streaming accounted for a third of the film’s revenues.

The film’s Disney+ revenue represented a bigger slice of the total revenue when compared with Black Widow.

Jungle Cruise’s $30 million was about 33 percent of its $91.8 million total, while Black Widow’s $60 million was about 27 percent of $218.8 million total.

Disney hasn’t announced any Premier Access titles that may follow Jungle Cruise.

The new numbers also arrive just days after Scarlett Johansson launched a major lawsuit against the company.

Streaming wars: Scarlett Johansson sues Disney

The star of Marvel’s box office hit “Black Widow”, Scarlett Johansson is suing the Walt Disney Company over allegations it breached the actor’s contract.

Disney released the movie in cinemas at the same time it launched the film on its streaming service – which Johansson says reduced her compensation.

Like many big stars, Johansson’s total earnings for Black Widow were calculated partly on what the total box office earnings were.

Black Widow made its debut on Disney PLUS and in cinemas on July 9 – and Disney PLUS users had to pay an additional $30 fee to watch the film.

Johansson says Disney wanted to steer audiences towards its platform, “where it could keep the revenues for itself while simultaneously growing the subscriber base… a proven way to boost Disney’s stock price”.

Johansson’s lawyers also believe “Disney wanted to substantially devalue the actor’s agreement and thereby enrich itself”.

The lawsuit is seeking an undisclosed amount of damages when it eventually goes to trial – and it could have lasting impacts in Hollywood as streaming services continue to find inventive ways to build their user base.

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Is Family Guy leaving Fox Corp?



The creator of Family Guy Seth Macfarlane has slammed Fox Corp. Does this signal the end of an unhappy marriage between Fox and Family Guy?

Family Guy’s Seth Macfarlane has slammed Rupert Murdoch’s Fox Corp, saying he wishes it was on “any other network”.

The scathing tweet mentioned Tucker Carlson’s latest opinion piece which claimed that Biden has lied about Covid-19 and the vaccine.

Carlson also attacked Dr Anthony Fauci in the article, calling him a “liar”.

What does this mean for Family Guy?

MacFarlane is currently making the most of his exclusive $200M deal with NBCUniversal that he signed back in 2020.

In the meantime, current series such as American Dad! and The Orville remain on their respective networks (TBS and Hulu).

That means that for now, it looks like Family Guy will remain on Fox.

Watch Family Guy | Full episodes | Disney+

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