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What is the U.S doing about the crisis in Haiti?



The Biden administration’s immigration policy is quite confusing and has caused a political nightmare

ticker’s US correspondant explains what’s happening

About a week ago, we saw some 15,000 migrants mostly from Haiti, descend upon the small border town of Del Rio, Texas.

Underneath that international bridge, they made makeshift camps.

Now, of course, there’s no running water, there’s no bathrooms, there’s no food.

It’s quite unsafe conditions for not only the adult, but also the children that have been seen in the drone footage, and also members of the media who are they are chronicling this.

However, one man stopped to speak to people, and his story is like so many others were after some hurricanes hit Haiti.

And of course, with literal corruption, he couldn’t find work, so he decided to go to Brazil, and he stayed there for about five years after work dried up. He then decided to make the dangerous and long trek by foot to come to the US border.

It’s heartbreaking because so many people are just looking for a better life.

Why if so many migrants decided to take this journey now, though.

This is what’s interesting. The Biden administration basically sent a message to the world when they didn’t enforce what was under the Trump administration, or at that time, asylum seekers had to stay in Mexico and it was known as the stay in Mexico policy for the Biden administration moved to rescind that, of course, this case went up to the Supreme Court and last month.

The Supreme Court ruled that the Trump era policy must stay in place.

Now the Biden ministration is flip flopping.

They are trying to tell people that the southern border is close. Of course they want legal immigration. And so now they’re deporting a lot of the migrants because they again, while they’re waiting to have their first court cases, they want them to stay in Mexico.


Five former Trump staffers speak with House



January 6 capital riots investigation continues

As the investigation into the January 6 capitol riots continues, new reports allege that at least five former Trump staffers have come forward to speak voluntarily with the House committee.

This comes as the committee’s lawyers continue to reach out to further Trump aides as to whether they would be interested in speaking at the hearing without the threat of SUPENA.

The committee has been tasked with investigating the actions of former President Donald Trump prior to the riots occurring.

This most recent outreach is not likely to signify that the committee believes the staffers had any involvement in sparking the riots… but rather they may have more context as to what was happening inside the White House that day.

It all comes as Trump continues his legal battle against the investigation… suing both the committee and the National Archives in an attempt to withhold documents.

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Queen Elizabeth not attending COP26 climate event



Buckingham Palace says the Queen is accepting doctor’s advice to rest

Following a health scare just last week… Queen Elizabeth will not be attending the upcoming COP-26 climate event in Glasgow.

This comes as doctors advise the royal to rest and comes just hours after she carried out her first official engagements since being admitted to hospital.

On Tuesday, Elizabeth met virtually with the ambassador of Korea and Switzerland.

Last week, Buckingham Palace revealed the monarch spent a night in hospital for “preliminary investigations”… but returned home in “good spirits”.

Meanwhile, the Queen was due to attend an evening reception in Glasgow on Monday but will deliver a video message instead.

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Jeff Bezos unveils plans for commercial space station



Jeff Bezos’ space tourism company, Blue Origin, has announced plans to launch a space station in Earth’s orbit.

The station will be named “Orbital Reef,” and is projected to be built and operational by the end of the decade.

The company says the station will be serve as a “mixed-use business park” in space and will host up to 10 people.

Promotional material released by the company revealed the 32-thousand square foot station will provide customers with an ideal location for “filmmaking in microgravity”, or “conducting cutting-edge research”.

It’s also speculated that the space station will include a “space hotel”.

The company will partner with Sierra Space and Boeing to build the outpost.

The announcement comes amid NASA efforts to find a proposal to replace the International Space Station (ISS), which is now more than 20 years old and in desperate need of repair.

This will include $400m in private contracts to space companies to help the agency replace the ageing outpost.

There is likely to be stiff competition for the funding, and Blue Origin is the latest firm to unveil their space station concept, joining space firms Nanoracks, Voyager Space and Lockheed Martin, who have teamed up to launch a station into low orbit by 2027.

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