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U.S. airlines rush to staff up again



They laid off thousands of staff when the pandemic hit – but now airlines across America are struggling to rehire

After laying off thousands of workers during the health crisis, U.S. airlines are now scrambling to staff up as a rebound leaves them short of all kinds of workers. Matt Larotonda reports.

They laid off thousands of workers during the global health crisis.

And now, airlines in the U.S. are scrambling to hire them all back again.

Travel demand is rebounding and carriers suddenly facing a shortage of all kinds of staff, not just pilots.

That’s sparked a pay battle for workers.

American Airlines subsidiary Piedmont is trying to lure pilots in with an $180,000 bonus offer.

United is offering a $5,000 signing bonus for some ground staff.

Spirit, the low-cost carrier, has raised some wages by 30%, and is helping flights attendants pay back tuition fees.

Big names like United and Delta are also poaching workers from smaller operators, where wages are lower.

But the soaring wage costs are coming just as fuel prices are jumping as well, and with airport charges on the rise too.

That has left airline profits feeling the squeeze.

Critics say the firms only have themselves to blame.

U.S. airlines made savage job cuts last year, despite getting $54 billion in federal aid to help cover payroll costs.

The cuts have left them short of workers as demand snaps back.

Staff shortages are one factor behind the recent rash of flight cancellations.

They could also stop carriers from serving less profitable routes altogether.

United has already decided to drop eight routes in the Midwest and South as a result of pilot shortages.

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Falling in love with stocks with Nick Quinn



On this week’s episode of Talk Ya Book, Chris Judd is joined by Spatium Capital’s Nick Quinn to discuss the why investors fall in love with stocks, when to sell and why three of his choices are performing strongly.

Proudly presented by Honan.

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Bank battering sees mess start to clean up



What will the future of the banking sector look like?

The once-mighty banking sector has taken a battering over the past month.

From two U.S. banks closing down, to one in Switzerland merging with its biggest rival, the sector has sent shockwaves throughout financial markets around the world.

And another European Bank could be following suit.

But, what will the future of the industry start to look like, once the mess has been cleaned up?

Founder and CEO of Umee, Brent Xu, joined us to discuss.

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Disney to axe 7,000 jobs



The Mouse House will deliver two rounds of layoffs

Disney has announced it will begin to axe 7,000 jobs, as it seeks to control costs and create a more “streamlined” business.

Several major divisions of the company, including Disney Entertainment, Disney Parks, Experiences and Products, and corporate, will be impacted.

Disney will begin notifying the first group of employees who are impacted by the workforce reductions over the next few days.

A second, larger round of job cuts will happen in April, with several thousand more staff reductions.

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