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TikTok bytes back at explosive Forbes report claiming it tracks U.S. citizens



Is Tiktok tracking data of U.S. citizens?

Business magazine Forbes says yes – which has made TikTok furious

The social media giant has shut down the explosive report.

Concerns have been raised about the data TikTok collects

But the social media giant has denied a Forbes report that a China-based team at its parent company ByteDance planned to track the locations of U.S. citizens

TikTok took to twitter to say it has never been used to “target” the American government, activists, public figures or journalists.

Adding that TikTok doesn’t collect precise location data from US users.

It follows a report by Forbes that says data would have been accessed without users’ knowledge or consent.

The U.S. business magazine cited documents it had seen, reporting ByteDance had planned to collect location data from U.S. users.

TikTok’s team said the report lacked “journalistic integrity”.

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Who killed the crypto boom?



It has been a shocking year for crypto investors, the year that crypto came crashing down to earth.

What began as a trickle became a turning point for crypto, losing their luster and exposed as a fringe product that most sensitive, experienced investors approached with skepticism.

So how did crypto climb so high under the cover of the pandemic?

By 2022, the ads were everywhere. Crypto was taking over the superbowl, and global sport.

Hollywood’s biggest names were jumping on board, and suddenly the big banking firms were taking notice.

The tokens might have been virtual, but crypto was become a real threat, and of real interest to next gen investors. #crypto #ftx #bitcoin

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U.S. Judge dismisses Dfinity-Meta trademark case



Meta has resolved a trademark lawsuit with Dfinity Foundation

Dfinity sued Meta over the infinity symbol logo that Meta adopted after changing its name from Facebook.

Dfinity alleged that the logo would cause confusion with Dfinity’s infinity-symbol trademarks.

The two parties have asked the San Francisco federal court to dismiss the case with prejudice.

Meta is still facing trademark lawsuits from Meta X and Metacapital over its name change. #Dfinity #Meta

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Elon Musk’s Tesla was blasted into space five years ago



Musk’s Tesla is currently floating through the galaxy

Exactly five years ago,Elon Musk’s Tesla roadster was launched into space to travel on an endless joy ride through the cosmic wilderness.

And how’s this for a journey.

On its anniversary, estimates suggest the vehicle has completed three and one quarter loops around the sun and is sitting 326 kilometres from Earth.

It’s also logged up more than 4 billion kilometres, mostly travelling through a barren vacuum.

In space terms, it did get close to Mars at one point – passing within 8 million ks of the planet – or about 20 times the distance between the Earth and the moon.

Although, it’s difficult to say where the vehicle is exactly with or whether it’s still even in one piece.

It is possible the roadster may have been hit by a meteoroid or eroded by radiation. #trending #fetured

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