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Language is how we communicate – be it voiced or written there are so many ways to link communities together and boost our skills. People from all walks of life bring an exceptional experience to our program as we unpack, celebrate, and seek to connect multicultural communities through language.

Together with Polaron Language Services.


Diverse Female Workplace Boost

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, only 47% of women from diverse backgrounds are employed in Australia, compared to over 59% of Australian-born women.

These numbers suggest that there might be a couple of barriers presenting themselves for entering the workforce, so how can organisations better support migrant women into stepping up and into leadership roles?


Multicultural Mental Support Is It Accessible?

Whilst Australia is increasingly getting better at speaking up about mental health and reducing the stigma surrounding mental health, people from diverse communities don’t always get the support they need.

Language On The Brink

Endangered is a word we usually associate with animal species, but some languages, too, are dying breeds. Of the estimated 200 to 700 Indigenous languages that once existed in Australia, only a handful are still spoken and even less are considered healthy, meaning that they are still being learnt by children. Now, It is estimated that if language decline continues as it has been, half of the world’s languages could be wiped off the map by the end of this century. So how can we stop this from happening?

Respect Goes Beyond Words

Since March of last year, family violence incidents have increased, the highest number on record for some parts of the world. Whilst the statistics are shocking it is the lack of support available to those in need that truly needs to be addressed. And are these stories happening more frequently within diverse communities or is it simply a myth that we have been told?

Support For Disabled Communities How To Help!

People with disabilities from non-English speaking backgrounds are accessing disability services up to two-thirds less than Australian-born people despite having similar rates of disability – we unpack how we can further highlight what needs to be done to provide additional support and understanding.

Polaron is an international social enterprise with expertise, networks and systems that empower people and organisations by connecting them to the global community.

We are a team of highly skilled in-house linguists and a network of over 1,500 Australia-based, NAATI-certified translators, interpreters and project managers. Our people are passionate about language quality.

We are invested in the outcomes of all translation projects, from standard NAATI certified translations to the intricate multilingual, community approved, translation projects.

Since 2000, Polaron has been working in partnership with clients and diverse communities to deliver multilingual projects that cement our reputation as a leader of the language industry. 

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The Green Edition is presented by The ROOT Brands.

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