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ticker NEWS announces partnership with ARN’s iHeartRadio, bringing breaking news on business, tech and media to a new audience

You can now keep up to date with ticker NEWS while you’re on the go, by listening to the live stream simulcast on iHeartRadio.

The new partnership allows all of your favourite ticker NEWS and ticker ORIGINAL programs to be audio streamed online through the iHeartRadio app.

Covering breaking news, business, tech and media to a global audience, iHeartRadio listeners can now tune into the 24/7 breaking news coverage direct from Ticker’s live stream, anywhere, anytime.


The partnership will see ticker NEWS become available across all iHeartRadio Australia available on the app, desktop, smart speaker and car play.

You can listen to ticker NEWS here via iHeartRadio

Ticker CEO Ahron Young says:

“We are thrilled to announce this distribution partnership with iHeartRadio. They are an easy choice to extend Ticker’s reach to target our audience of urban professionals.”

“This new partnership opens Ticker’s content to a wider audience and provides our commercial partners with another way to reach high value consumers,”

“Since Ticker’s launch two years ago, we have focused on delivering high quality news and originals programming, with in depth coverage of politics, crypto, climate and business news,” Ahron says.

ticker NEWS & Originals content is directly viewed over 1.97 million times each month, across all LIVE, On-Demand and social assets. Average viewing time of 23 minutes.

ARN’s Head of Digital Audio,Corey Layton says: 

“Across Radio, Music and Podcasts iHeartRadio’s breadth of content provides consumers with everything they need in one app. 

“We’re excited to be working with Ticker to broaden this further, adding their breaking news and analysis across business, tech and media to engage Australians everywhere,” Corey says.

ARN's Corey Layton
ARN’s Corey Layton

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