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Check your investment opportunities in high-growth private companies. There is a heap to look at when choosing an investment that suits you morally and financially. So let’s get your money working for you! Ticker Invest covers the sectors that are growing the ones you needn’t waste time on.


Holy Smokes…

Talk about going green! With governments making moves to legalize medicinal cannabis, it should come as no surprise that there are opportunities investors can take advantage of as the rollout begins.


Medical Investment Opportunities

Science and medicine have become a priority all around the world. So how does the Australian health and biotech space fare, and what opportunities could there for investors?

International Digital Deals

After the biggest M&A deal in Australian history between AfterPay and Square, what could it mean for the Australian startup sector? And what opportunities could there be for investors to get involved in?

The Global Tech Connect

With COVID restrictions and lockdowns continuing to wreak havoc on traditional industries all over the world, many privately held technology startups are thriving in a forced digital environment. What is driving the success of global technology startups and why investors are turning to alternative assets in the search for growth.

Aussie Olympic Investment Ops

Excitement surrounds Brisbane and their recent win of the Olympics in 2032. There is also an opportunity for businesses and investors to take aim at the sporting sector. Australia on the whole also looks set to benefit from the event and the power of positive consumer sentiment.

VentureCrowd is Australia’s largest equity crowdfunding platform with over 58,000 registered members. It’s curated investment opportunities in high-growth private companies, diversified property development funds, property development projects and alternative credit, are democratising access to crowdfunding opportunities by making them available to retail and wholesale investors.

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Musk’s Empire



A plane arrives in China. On board, one of the world’s richest men. He’s come to convince authorities that he should be allowed to set up a brand new factory.

He is Elon Musk.

And this is his first trip to China in three years.

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From Zero to Hero: Behind the scenes at the Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix



Across four days a year, the world’s best drivers all meet at Albert Park Lake in Melbourne to race in the Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix.

But behind the glitz and glamour, there is a heavy focus on logistics, media, and politics.

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Death Tourism: travelling to forgotten battlefields and notorious prisons



The phenomenon of dark tourism draws sightseers to the road less travelled, where they seek an introspective and reflective experience.

From Cambodia’s killing fields to the safety risks at Chernobyl’s Exclusion Zone, they are some of the most macabre places on the planet.

So what drives the adrenaline, allure and intrigue held by these destinations and the kinds of people that would visit them?

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