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Digital Device Downsides?

Apps, trackers & digital devices are becoming ever more prolific in the workout world. Are they as motivational and accurate as advertised we unpack some of the trends hitting social media and what companies are doing it right.


Olympic Motivation Goes Beyond Entertainment

Were you following the Olympics? We were! an inspirational experience that saw some truly awesome talent rise. The face of fitness is changing and you can get yourself out there to do some accessible exercise that suits your ability and interests!

Fitness Energy is all about changing lives.  With a team of skilled performance specialists we support you on the journey to better health.   Our primary goal is to improve the lives of others through exercise prescription, nutrition and lifestyle management.

We bring the unique elements of high performance training to our programming. So regardless of whether you are an elite athlete, a weekend warrior or just wanting to be in the best of health, we’ve got you covered.  

We bring together in-studio and online training options which enable us to share our expertise and experience with you.  Our specialist running program will improve your performance.  But it’s not just about running, it’s about improving your overall health and movement efficiency. Think outside the square, when you improve your movement patterns it will improve your overall health, balance and sporting potential.

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The power and benefit of green antitoxins



Harnessing nature’s green anti-toxins for health and wellness.

Studies conducted on the impact of green anti-toxins has revealed their ability to neutralise harmful free radicals, reduce oxidative stress, and support a healthier lifestyle.

As the interest in natural remedies and preventive healthcare grows, the spotlight on nature’s green anti-toxins is likely to intensify.

Clayton Thomas, CEO of The Root Brands, offers insights into this field.

The Green Edition is presented by The ROOT Brands.

For all media inquiries, please get in touch here: 

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Creating the signs for the times



Join host Harry Sanders for an inside look at the journey of Sketch & Etch, a vibrant company founded in 2015 by Ash Bent, driven by a shared mission to illuminate lives with memorable impressions.

Starting small in Geelong, Australia, the company’s inception followed a twist of fate after Ash’s initial drone business met with unexpected challenges.

From these setbacks emerged Sketch & Etch, sparking a remarkable evolution.

Fast forward nine years, and Sketch & Etch has assembled a global team of talented individuals, dubbed “wizards,” renowned for their expertise in LED neon craftsmanship, exceptional customer service, and innovative design.

Embark on a personalized journey with Sketch & Etch, where their team collaborates with clients to craft stunning custom LED neon lights and signage for various occasions, be it weddings, businesses, or home decor.

With an easy-to-navigate process, customers can choose from pre-designed neon collections or unleash their creativity with the “Custom Neon Builder.” #messy business

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Surviving the unpredictable nature of business



In an exclusive TV interview, Managing Director Adam Jacobs opens up about his passion for his work at Bubblegum HQ, a renowned agency for child models and actors.

Jacobs discusses the highs and lows of the industry, expressing frustration over the narrow criteria used in casting decisions that sometimes exclude talented children.

Despite the challenges, Jacobs emphasises the agency’s proactive approach to finding opportunities for their clients.

He urges patience among parents and explains the unpredictable nature of the business.

However, he also highlights the immense satisfaction of witnessing the success of Bubblegum’s young talents, describing it as the “best job ever.”

Jacobs encourages aspiring talents to apply to join the Bubblegum family, promising a supportive environment and perhaps even some office candy during interviews. #messy business

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