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Digital Device Downsides?

Apps, trackers & digital devices are becoming ever more prolific in the workout world. Are they as motivational and accurate as advertised we unpack some of the trends hitting social media and what companies are doing it right.


Olympic Motivation Goes Beyond Entertainment

Were you following the Olympics? We were! an inspirational experience that saw some truly awesome talent rise. The face of fitness is changing and you can get yourself out there to do some accessible exercise that suits your ability and interests!

Fitness Energy is all about changing lives.  With a team of skilled performance specialists we support you on the journey to better health.   Our primary goal is to improve the lives of others through exercise prescription, nutrition and lifestyle management.

We bring the unique elements of high performance training to our programming. So regardless of whether you are an elite athlete, a weekend warrior or just wanting to be in the best of health, we’ve got you covered.  

We bring together in-studio and online training options which enable us to share our expertise and experience with you.  Our specialist running program will improve your performance.  But it’s not just about running, it’s about improving your overall health and movement efficiency. Think outside the square, when you improve your movement patterns it will improve your overall health, balance and sporting potential.

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It’s been said that we see about 1.8 billion digital images every single day… So we might as well make them good! The team at BoxBrownie offers high-quality digital imagery that goes beyond a standard photograph. Follow ticker snaps to see the magic this team is bringing to the table when it comes to marketing property, vehicles, and 3D imaging.


Humble Beginnings For Tech Start up

From start up to scale up, has become a world renown space for digital marketing solutions. Taking a look at the tips and tricks that they have used to become the slick operation that they are today. We speak with one of the founders and find out how they discovered a niche and filled it.


Slick Marketing…Swift Sales!

Sealing the deal can come down to how you market your property. Getting people interested and generating some buzz around what you have to offer can make a huge difference in price, confidence, and ultimately satisfaction after a sale. Today we unpack 5 ways you can easily update your listing and give yourself the best shot to sell.

Vivid Virtual Tours

Canon, Nikon, or the one in your pocket? What Camera is reigning supreme at the moment and does it matter? If you’re looking to market something special you will need a top-tier profile. A great shot is only the beginning – today we delve into what tools are available to really stand out on a listing, be it for a vintage car or luxury home.

The Real Future of Property Marketing

The way we market and sell a property has changed drastically in the last decade, and with these trends continuing it’s important to stand out from the crowd. Boxbrownie’s Peter Schravemade takes us through what he has seen recently and what he expects to change when it comes to showing off a property. is the world leader in visual marketing solutions. With satisfaction guaranteed, their photo editing and 3D rendering services are fast, inexpensive, no-subscription, and high-quality. are used by residential and commercial real estate agents, property developers, professional and amateur photographers, and online retailers who realise presentation and
professional images are the key to selling. is bolstered by a large team of experts around the world, meaning they can offer edit turnaround in as little as 24 hours, and service in several languages. They are depended upon by sellers internationally for our image enhancement, day to dusk conversion, item removal, floor plan redraws, 360° virtual tours, virtual staging, and 3D renders.

For more information, head to their website.

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Check out these amazing Aussie businesses that are taking on the world.

Each week Mike Loder is celebrating the hard work and determination of passionate people behind businesses, we dive deeper to explore how they are innovating and commercialising their ideas into a product or service.

Together with AusIndustry – Taking your business to the next level.


X-RAY Revolution & Local Mining Boost

Micro X is a revolutionary medical and security imaging business, finding better ways to X-ray. Their research has led to the development of a world-leading Electronic X-ray Tube – a patented, carbon nanotube technology that makes their products lighter, smaller and more portable. Good news for medical imaging industries (and others).

Kai Roh Contracting directors Rowena Leslie and Katrina Stubbs run this female-led business that supports local communities. A female-led, family business that supports their community in the mining industry. They are providing mining services, and have recently pushed into the civil works industry.


Sea Weed Saviour! & Digital Medical Marvels

Sea Kelp is incredible it’s not a plant and it’s not an animal…. Golden kelp is a large brown to golden-brown seaweed which can grow up to 1.5 meters long. It is packed with vitamins and minerals a natural multivitamin that tastes good too! We are joined by Jo Lane Owner of Sea Health Products who is changing the way we see slimy sea life.

And Kico Knee is a small Sydney company that is hoping to change how advanced technology can simulate operations. Looking to implement the best possible intervention and rehabilitation program for those suffering from a host of ailments including Knee reconstruction Manager Bede O’Connor gives us the rundown. 

Engineering With A Twist & Awesome Video Analytics

Unleash Live harnesses the power of machine learning and Artificial intelligence within Video. This looks to change the way companies monitor and distribute resources to maximizing output and performance.

Whilst Romar Engineering is an advanced manufacturing group for industries including space, medical, and defense. They make use of incredible 3D printing capabilities to expedite metal printing with laser precision.

Employee Management Solutions & Functional Horse Fashion

Connect across the globe with your own digital passport. My Pass is a solution for companies looking to connect volunteers, workers and employees, a clever digital workforce management system, designed to help companies in highly regulated industries reduce their risk of cost and operations.

And Scoot Boots are the only Australian manufacturer of protective equine hoof boots offering an alternative to metal horseshoes and disrupting the farrier industry. We are joined by former equestrian show jumper Annette Kaitinis who co-founded Scoot Boots and shares how they have seen business growth, in global markets with a goal to increase the life expectancy for horses.

The Future of Mining Vehicles & Magic Plastic Welding

It’s a construction-fuelled episode of Ticker Business this week with Loadpro, who have managed to design a revolutionary off-road truck that is easy to manoeuvre, durable, fuel-efficient, simple to service, and limits driver fatigue! Ron Schliebs is the managing Director over at Loadpro and unloads the latest.

Meanwhile, plastic welding serves as a backbone for aquaculture, and Mitchell Plastic Welding is leading the way for Tasmania and the mainland’s pipeline projects. Managing director Brendan Mitchell joined us to explain how the company is sealing the leaks and experiencing growth across this sector.

Calculated Cricket Tech & Clever A.I Cameras

Cricketing legend Michael Kasprowicz tells us about Sportcor – a company redesigning the cricket ball with intelligence systems to track and measure a player’s performance. Inspiring competition at a grassroots stage whilst boasting precision at the professional level, Sportcor looks set to change the game.

Imagine looking at hours of vast pipeline networks for a tiny crack or blockage… Michelle Aguilar tells us how VAPAR is making use of A.I to greatly reduce the laborious nature of damage assessment within precious pipelines. Increasing the efficiency of identifying and fixing faults as they arise, keeping your water flowing throughout urban infrastructure!

About AusIndustry

AusIndustry provides more than government grants – Their national network collaborates with businesses on their growth journey.

When you join AusIndustry, you get access to a range of initiatives, all designed to support your business to innovate, invest and commercialise. And, you may be eligible for funding to make it happen.

At the heart of AusIndustry is the outreach network, spread across 30 locations around Australia. Their experienced local experts will work directly with you to achieve your business vision.

To find out how they can take your business to the next level, visit or call 13 28 46.

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Get the latest crypto news from our experts.


Bullish Bitcoin Players

The cryptocurrency bull run continues, there is a battle brewing between DeFI and US regulators and we touch on why China might be taking a step back with their crypto mining efforts.

$2 Trillion Dollar Milestone

Crypto market caps are approaching the $2 trillion mark as the Poly hack saga continues to cause concern throughout the space. Etherium remains a popular project for crypto bundles according to the tracking sites but will it take over Bitcoins popularity?

Olympic Level Breakthrough

The Olympics may have ended, but there are many more records being broken in the Crypto world. Whether it be Bitcoin, Ethereum or NFTs, they all have smashed something.


The blockchain that runs ether, the second-largest cryptocurrency under bitcoin, will undergo a major upgrade this week. A London includes Ethereum Improvement Proposal aiming to change the way transaction fees, or “gas fees,” are estimated.

Crypto Crime Concerns

Cryptocurrency has been recently on its monthly lows, but over the last week, have positions been liquidated, as the price rallied? And could concerns about money laundering hurt the digital currency?

CoinJar is Australia’s longest-running cryptocurrency exchange. Since 2013, we’ve helped more than 600,000 Australians to buy, sell and spend billions of dollars in Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies.

CoinJar’s mission is to make crypto accessible and useful to everyone, everyday. Innovations such as CoinJar Card, a fully-featured crypto Mastercard, and our acclaimed, easy-to-use iOS and Android apps have helped put cryptocurrency in the hands and wallets of hundreds of thousands of people.

For more information, head to the Coinjar website.

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