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Texas Governor rejects funding following Democrat walk-out



Texas governor walk-out

The Texas governor says he’ll reject funding following the staged walk-out this week

The Republican Governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, says he will reject funding for the state law-making body following a staged walkout by Democrats.

The walk-out came as Texas Republican lawmakers attempted to pass a sweeping set of new laws to tighten voting regulations. However, Democratic delegates blocked the motion.

Democrats say the proposed bill legislation would’ve added new obstacles for voting in future elections.

The governors also raised concerns the bill would’ve limited the availability of certain forms of voting. The methods in question are largely used by low income and handicapped people.

Republican Governors in Texas left unable to vote

The walk-out in Texas left the House without enough numbers to meet a quorum. This meant Republicans were unable to cast their vote.

Governor Abbot says he “will veto Article 10 of the budget passed.” He further added that Texas will “not pay for those who abandon their responsibilities”. Article 10 funds the state legislative branch.

In a statement published the same day, Abbott also said it was “deeply disappointing and concerning” that the election bill did not reach his desk.

However, Texas State Democrat Jessica Gonzalez argues her fellow representatives “have done their part” for democracy.

If passed, the bill would ban drive-thru voting in Texas and prohibit 24-hour voting. It would’ve also banned public officials from offering mail-in voting applications to voters who do not request them.

24-hour voting was used by more than 100,000 voters in the 2020 election in Harris County, where President Biden won with about 56 percent of the vote.

Concerning, the bill would’ve also meant senators would not have to confirm evidence of election fraud.

The proposed legislation would allow courts to overturn elections if “the number of votes illegally cast in the election is equal to or greater than the number of votes necessary to change the outcome of an election.”

Texas Senator Cruz comes under fire for abandoning his state

The walk-out in Texas comes after prominent Republican Senator Ted Cruz recently left for Israel. Violence between the country and Hamas militants ceased 11 days ago.

Critics have blasted Senator Cruz for ‘opportunism’ following the trip. This own state is currently being ravaged by storms.

In a tweet, Cruz says “radical Democrats are wrong. Israel has the undeniable right to defend itself”.

Democrats block bill to arm Israel

Texas Senator Cruz recently introduced a bill that will allow arms sales to Israel. However, the bill was also blocked by the Democrats.

In a statement, Cruz says: “sadly, Democrats in both the House and the Senate are choosing to pacify their anti-Israel base by opposing this critical support.”

“I call on my Democrat colleagues to choose a side and support this common-sense resolution”.

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