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11-year-old boy becomes sixth death following jumping castle tragedy



Six children have now died following a tragic jumping castle accident at a primary school in Australia

The children fell an estimated 10 metres after the jumping castle was picked up by a powerful gust of wind.

A sixth child has died, Chace Harrison was just 11-years-old, one of the youngest part of this heart breaking tragedy.

Chace Harrison died in hospital on Sunday afternoon.

His death follows those of 11-year-old Addison and 12-year-olds Zane, Jye, Jalailah and Peter.

Two children remain in a critical condition in Royal Hobart Hospital and one other is in recovery at home.

Tributes and flowers have been laid outside Hillcrest primary school… all in mourning for those siz little lives lost

The children were grade five and six students, who were celebrating an end-of-year event in the town of Devonport in Tasmania.

The state’s Police Commissioner says the children were meant to be celebrating, not mourning.

Several fundraisers have been launched to support the families of the children who died in the tragedy

More than a million dollars has been raised in the community to support those mourning the tragedy.

It’s unthinkable heartbreak right before Christmas.

Australia’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison said this will leave families completed devastated.

He visited the Primary School with his wife Jenny… they paid their respects and this was the note they left with flowers

The Prime minster says an extra $800,000 will also be made available to fund trauma counselling.

Quarter of a million dollars will go to first responders involved in the aftermath of the accident and over half a million will go to the broader community.

Four forensic child interviewers will travel there from Sydney over the coming days.

A report will be prepared by the coroner, as tributes continue to pour in for the families and wider community

Authorities are working to preserve hand written notes and establish a more permanent memorial.

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Atari acquisition ends the longest running console war



Atari, the iconic gaming company, has revealed its acquisition of the Intellivision brand.

‘Uniting Atari and Intellivision after 45 years ends the longest running console war in history,” said Mike Mika, Studio Head at Digital Eclipse, an Atari-owned game studio.

This move is seen as a strategic step by Atari to expand its portfolio and tap into the nostalgia-driven market.

Emily Leaney from TeamRetro joins to discuss. #featured

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Tim Cook eyes a worthy successor to the Apple empire



As Apple CEO Tim Cook’s tenure at the company enters its later years, speculation swirls regarding who will succeed the tech giant’s iconic leader.

On this episode of Ahron & Mike Live – Canva makes a break for Broadway, AI has been likened to a ‘demigod’, astronomers develop new tech to counter asteroids and has Apple found its next successor? #featured

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The United States is accelerating efforts into space warfare



Is space warfare the next frontier of military competition?

On this episode of Hot Shots – the US expand efforts into space warfare, big tech commit to AI fail safes, while AI moves the markets and a buried treasure of ‘Holy Grail’ proportions is unearthed.

Ticker’s Ahron Young & Veronica Dudo discuss. #featured #trending

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