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‘Sweet kind, old soul’ – five children dead in jumping castle incident in Australia



Five children have died in a distressing jumping castle accident at a primary school in Tasmania, Australia

The children fell an estimated 10 metres after the jumping castle was picked up by a powerful gust of wind.

Authorities have confirmed one child has been discharged from hospital while another three remain in a critical condition.

The children were grade five and six students, who were celebrating an end-of-year event in the town of Devonport in Tasmania.

The children fell an estimated 10 metres after the jumping castle they were in was picked up by a powerful gust of wind.

The jumping castle was at the Tasmanian school as part of end-of-year celebrations as holiday seasons approach.

The Local Police Commander has described the event as “tragic”.

Tasmania’s Police Commissioner says the children were meant to be celebrating, not mourning.

On a day where these children were meant to be celebrating the last day of primary school….instead we are mourning their loss.

Police said in a media address

The accident happened during an end-of-year celebration at Hillcrest Primary School in Devonport, in the state’s north-west.”

This is a very tragic event and our thoughts are with the families and the wider school community, and also our first responders,” Police Commander Debbie Williams said.

Devonport’s Mayor says the “tight-knit community will face one of the toughest times ahead”

Authorities are requesting that people avoid the area to allow emergency services to continue their investigations.

Tributes flow for five lives lost and victims of the jumping castle tragedy in Tasmania Australia

Tributes and flowers have been laid outside Hillcrest primary school this morning… all in mourning for those five little lives lost

Two kids have been identified, their names are Zane Gardam and Addison Stewart

Several fundraisers have been launched to support the families of the children who died in the tragedy

One GoFundMe launched for the family of Addison Stewart described her as a “precious” girl.

Her aunt said “I have no idea how to express the sadness our family is feeling,”

“Everyone is devastated, she was always such a sweet kind, old soul.”

Zane Gardam was described as a “gorgeous boy” in a seperate fundraiser launched by family friends

“Zane was such a beautiful caring, gentle soul,” the family friends wrote.

He had challenges growing up with his autism and ADHD but that never set him back, he kept achieving,”

The family friends said zane’s mum was by his side every step of the way encouraging, loving and fighting for him.”

It’s unthinkable heartbreak right before Christmas, Australia’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison said this will leave families completed devastated.

An investigation is underway by work,safe and a report will be prepared by the coroner, as tributes continue to pour in for the families and wider community

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