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Talks between U.S. and Russia begin in Geneva amid Ukraine tensions




High-level talks surrounding the fate of Ukraine have kicked off in Geneva as Russian officials downplay threats to Ukraine

This comes as reports suggest around 100,000 Russian troops have been deployed near the border with Ukraine… with many fearing an incursion.

Russia warns that the United States should not “underestimate the risks” that are involved when it comes to Moscow’s confrontation with the West.

Meanwhile, the US has pledged there will be sanctions if Russia were to attack Ukraine.

In a call with reporters after the initial talks… America’s Deputy Secretary of State said the meeting was “frank and forthright” and discussions over eight hours were aimed at understanding each side’s security concerns.

Sherman says Russia has denied plans to invade Ukraine… and labeled troop movements as “maneuvers and exercise”.

Meanwhile, the Pentagon’s Press Secretary John Kirby says “if the Russians are serious about deescalating, they can start by starting to remove some troops”.


Musk sells nearly $7b in Tesla stock



Tesla CEO Elon Musk has sold 7.92 million Tesla shares, worth nearly $7bn

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has sold 7.92 million in $TSLA shares, worth around $6.99bn USD.

The transactions were given the go ahead between August 5-9, according to financial files released.

The deal was announced shortly after the electric carmakers 2022 annual shareholder meeting.

Musk approved the sale, despite earlier promises that “no further Tesla sales” were planned.

“In the (hopefully unlikely) event that Twitter forces this deal to close *and* some equity partners don’t come through, it is important to avoid an emergency sale of Tesla stock,” 

Elon Musk

His followers are still waiting for further explanation about the unannounced deal and what it means for the company moving forward.

However, this latest announcement comes amid some broader market woes and just weeks after Musk scrapped his $44 billion takeover of Twitter.

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What FBI raid means for Trump 2024



Will outrage amongst MAGA supporters force Trump to make a 2024 announcement? What’s next for the FBI investigation?

As MAGA fans of Donald Trump comprehend what the FBI raids on his Mar-A-Lago bunker in Florida means for his 2024 ambitions, questions are being raised about how Trump will react to the probe.

Opponents of Trump are calling for him to release the information about the investigation, and what the FBI were actually searching for.

Trump famously called on former President Barak Obama to release his birth certificate.

Armed police officers have been filmed outside of Mr Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home, while his supporters have been seen waving pro-Trump flags from the footpath and from passing cars. 

A Justice Department spokesperson declined to comment on the raid, including about whether Attorney-General Merrick Garland had personally authorised the search.

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UN: world is one step away from a devastating war



The UN warns the world is one step away from nuclear annihilation, taking us back to the days of the Cold War

Secretary General Antonio Guterres believes we have been ‘extraordinarily lucky so far’, but one misstep could lead to catastrophe.

As global tensions rise, he is urging all leaders to renew a push towards eliminating all nuclear warheads.

The comments were made at the opening of a conference for countries signed up to the nuclear Treaty.

This treaty is designed to stop the spread of nuclear weapons… and almost every nation on Earth is signed up, including the five biggest nuclear powers.

Guterres says the ‘luck’ we have enjoyed so-far is not a good long-term strategy.

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