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Afghanistan on alert: Conflict within the Taliban arises over opposing views



The new government are at heads, following allegations of a potential fallout between two ministers with different leadership strategies.

New government’s deputy PM and Taliban co-founder Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar

There are reports that a major fight has broken out between different leaders of the Taliban as the group settles into their rule over Afghanistan.

Allegations state that the group’s co-founder Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar and a cabinet member were involved in the disagreements that occurred at Kabul’s presidential palace.

Speculation has grown around the stability of the group since the co-founder disappeared from public view over recent days.

It was believed that the leader may have died, but those rumours have since been denied through an unofficial recording circulating social media.

The Taliban took back control of Afghanistan in August declaring the country an “Islamic Emirate”, with their entire cabinet made up of senior male figures.

Here’s how it started

A source within the militant group says the co-founder and minister for refugees exchanged strong words inside the palace and their respective followers brawled with each other nearby.

The reports come after a senior Qatar-based Taliban member plus his connection, said he can confirm that an argument broke out at the palace last week.

The strong words exchanged in the argument related to the deputy Prime Minister’s dissatisfaction with the interim government’s structure.

Additionally, many government members are in protest over who should be held accountable and awarded credit for the group’s “success” in taking over Afghanistan.

Could it be the start of something greater?

There appears to be conflicting views within the interim government.

Mr Bradar is reportedly attempting to rule on a diplomacy-based approach, whereas members of the Haqqani group and their followers believe fighting and terrorism is a better way to lead.

The group’s leader, Sirajuddin Haqqani, has been allocated a spot in the new government as the interior minister.

However, the Haqqani group is responsible for some of the world’s most violent attacks, deemed as a terrorist group by the United States.

Since the alleged altercations, Mr Baradar is still yet to make any in-person appearances, with concerns increasing over his wellbeing and whereabouts.

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