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Taking advantage of having your finger on the news pulse



Whether it is the President of Sri Lanka being ousted, China increasing steel demand or Russia and Ukraine agreeing to allow grain exports to flow from the region, every person needs to have their finger on the news pulse.

Understanding world events, and how they can impact stock markets, can help to identify investment opportunities at the click of a button.

The need for a simple and easy-to-use trading app has never been greater, IBKR GlobalTrader by Interactive Brokers does exactly that.

IBKR GlobalTrader is a stock trading app designed for both new and experienced traders, where clients from all over the world can access 150 markets, 25 currencies and invest in a wide range of global products from a single integrated platform. 

This can be beneficial, especially if you are following a news story that hasn’t quite developed traction, can do some extra research about the region and find a gem.

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But what about fees? This can be the deal-maker-or-breaker when it comes to an app, and especially after finding that company.

Trading costs with IBKR GlobalTrader are low – meaning more of your profit can stay in your pocket – and investors have access to the highly-liquid Nasdaq and Dow Jones markets. (For investors within the US, they can enjoy zero commissions on US stocks and for investors outside the US, commissions start at just USD 0.0035 per share).

And when you compare this to similar companies such as Robinhood, Vanguard and Charles Schwab in terms of fees, it is a no-brainer to see that IBKR GlobalTrader comes out on top.

The company currently manages more than $10billion in equity capital and more than 2.5 million trades per day are conducted.

For more on Interactive Brokers and IBKR GlobalTrader, head to their website, or download the app from the Apple App Store or on Google Play.


Four-day office week for Snapchat employees



Snapchat is asking workers to return to the office 80% of the time, or the equivalent of four days a week.

They want workers back from the start of next year.

It’s the latest sign of tech employees receiving less flexibility nearly three years after the pandemic took hold.

It also comes amid a wave of cost-cutting in the tech sector.

The company says in a statement: “We believe that being together in person, while retaining flexibility for our team members, will enhance our ability to deliver on our strategic priorities of growing our community, driving revenue growth, and leading in [augmented reality].”

The new policy will take effect at the end of February.

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Twitter quietly cancels COVID misinformation policy



More big changes at Twitter under the new Elon Musk ownership.

This time, its Twitter’s controversial COVID misinformation policy, which the social platform has quietly canceled.

Twitter said in December 2020 that it would begin to label and remove misinformation about Covid-19 vaccines.

But Twitter CEO Elon Musk has been a vocal critic of how health officials reacted to the coronavirus pandemic.

Musk has committed to free speech on Twitter, which might explain why the change has now been enacted.

But online safety experts have contended his approach has led to an increase in hate speech, harassment and misinformation on the platform.

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Twitter users are flocking to smaller platforms



Twitter users

Twitter users flock to smaller platforms, as Musk takes control

Twitter’s instability under Musk’s leadership has resulted in users joining smaller platforms.

The uncertain future of Twitter with mass firings and staff walk outs have caused a sea of doubt. Many are now weighing up their options in case Twitter crumbles over the next few weeks.

Smaller and lesser-known platforms such as Social Hive and Mastodon have become a life raft for Twitter users.

Mastodon is fast becoming known as a Twitter alternative and has 2.4 million active monthly users. It’s a dramatic increase from the 381,000 users the platform had the day Musk closed the Twitter deal.

Mastodon is an open-source, decentralised online software. It allows users to set up their own servers to communicate with each other.

It’s becoming a firm favourite with journalists and academics. With many of the same functions as Twitter, Mastodon has been described as a combination of Twitter and alternate microblogging site, Tumblr.

Hive Social is another social networking site attracting scores of Twitter users since Musk’s reign.

Hive now has 2 million users and recently hit the top of the App Store. Its founder is 24 years old and the platform has only two employees.

With a simple and user-friendly design, Hive has attracted Twitter users searching for a new home in preparation for Twitter’s possible demise under Musk’s impulsive leadership.

If Twitter turns the corner, it will also be very interesting to see if original users abandon Mastodon and Hive Social to return to their Twitter homes.

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