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The jobs paying six figure salaries to help lead supply chain disruptions



Top supply chain, logistics and procurement executives are among the highest paid managers and directors in the Asia pacific region amid global shipping challenges

A new survey reveals that technology is playing a huge role in supply chain, as tech expertise in AI and robotics make the top of the list for technical skills in demand.

But do you have skills in inventory management and can you communicate effectively? This could be the answer to Australians earning a six figure salary, reaching up to half a million dollars a year.

In Bastian Consulting’s latest Salary Survey 2021, supply chain executives from
Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Japan and Thailand, have
revealed that Supply Chain Directors are the most paid, compared to other
management positions within the sector.


The survey revealed Supply Chain Directors are earning $230-360K AUD a year,
compared to Logistics Operations Director ($180-250K AUD) and Procurement
Director ($240-330K AUD).

Furthermore, Supply Chain Managers are taking home
$130-165K AUD per year, while Manufacturing Managers are earning $100-130K

Tech skills in high demand

Supply chain is a high-growth industry. Tony Richter, Founder of Bastian Consulting
said the salaries of supply chain executives reflect the importance of their role in
minimising the impact of global disruption during COVID-19 and beyond.

“Supply chain bottlenecks could last for another year and a half to two years.
Therefore, the need for Supply, Distribution and Procurement Managers to plan,
organise, direct, control and coordinate the supply, storage and distribution of goods,
products and services, will continue to be in high demand,” Tony said.

Respondents from Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Japan
and Thailand revealed that Inventory Management is the most sought after technical
skill (58%) when finding an employee, reflecting the shift in skillsets required this year as a result of the challenge of ongoing global supply chain disruptions.

The survey also revealed that technology is playing a huge role in supply chain, as
technology expertise in AI, IoT and robotics are also among the top technical skills in

Growth of e-commerce altering skills required

There was an overwhelming shift towards the need for soft skills in the supply chain,
with the ability to communicate effectively (40%) and collaboration with others (39%)
as key employability skills for top executives.

However, respondents said there is a lack of both technical and soft skills when
recruiting top talent.

TONY RICHTER on skills in high demand

There isn’t enough young people working in supply chain

“We’re seeing a real struggle in the market to find talent and we want to help future
proof the talent pool,” Tony said.

Bastian Consulting has recently launched its Graduate Initiative program to help
solve the supply chain and tech talent shortage across the APAC region.

“With candidate salary expectations being the biggest hurdle for over half of the executives surveyed to source talent, the industry needs to do more to invest in raising awareness of the profession as well as market the many opportunities available to young people,” Stephanie Martinez, Partner at Bastian Consulting said.


How the man training A-listers has built a fitness empire



He’s the Australian personal trainer who helped Rebel Wilson shred more than 30 kilos of her weight

He’s the coach keeping The Voice judge Rita Ora looking trim and lean, as well as the entrepreneur pioneering the fitness industry in Sydney, Australia.

Jono Castano is working his magic skills on Sir Richard Branson, so what next for the renowned trainer as he takes on the world?

Watch Jono live on-air with ticker’s Holly Stearnes to discuss his success, training the stars, business moves and fitness advice as we emerge from the pandemic.

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Your next rental car could be a Tesla, following a major deal with Hertz



Tesla is driving at full speed, with the EV giant striking a major deal with rental car agent, Hertz

Elon Musk owned, Tesla has officially crossed a $1 trillion stock market valuation for the first time in its operating history…and it follows a major order from global rental car agency, Hertz

Hertz plans to order 100,000 new EVs for its fleet.

It is the biggest-ever order from rental car company Hertz, and a deal that has reinforced the electric car leader’s ambitions to top the entire auto industry in sales over the next decade.

But for Tesla and its investors, Hertz’s decision to order 100,000 Tesla vehicles by the end of 2022 showed electric vehicles are no longer a niche product, but will dominate the mass car market in the near future.

Tesla data will be stored in China

Tesla also appeared on Monday to be making progress resolving regulatory problems that threatened its business in China

The company stated that it had opened a new data and research center in Shanghai to comply with government requirements that data collected from vehicles within China, stay in the country.

Tesla now faces the daunting day-to-day challenge of becoming a high-volume automaker growing at a rate not seen since the early 1900s…when demand exploded for Henry Ford’s Model T.

Tesla is also trying to manage an order backlog for its vehicles as it continues to deal with extended supply chain disruptions. 

Investors and analysts, for now, are looking past the near-term challenges, with the latest deal struck between Tesla and Hertz set to only create more hype around its share price.

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Crown Resorts to keep Melbourne casino license



crown casino

After being entangled within a corruption scandal, Crown Resorts is set to retain its Melbourne casino license

The Victorian Royal Commission found the resort’s conduct to be “disgraceful” but the final report recommends that Crown Melbourne to receive a two-year grace period.

This is so the company can be under the control of a “special manager” that can rectify an “alarming catalogue of the wrongdoing”, addressing the money laundering that Crown was allegedly involved in.

After this period, the special manager will determine whether they are satisfied with the company and whether they should retain its Victorian casino license.

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