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“Sickening” – Qantas charged over major COVID safety failure



Australia’s national carrier has been charged with workplace breaches after a cleaner raised concerns with aircraft coming from China during the early months of the pandemic

COVID-19 Qantas

Qantas has been charged with breaches of the New South Wales Work Health and Safety Act after standing down an employee who raised concerns about the exposure of workers to COVID-19 during the early months of the pandemic, back in 2020.

SafeWork New South Wales confirmed on Tuesday that it filed the charges in the District Court of NSW against Qantas Ground Services on October 6, 2021.

“The charges relate to QGS standing down a worker who raised concerns about potential exposure of workers to COVID-19 while cleaning aircraft in early 2020.”

The Australian Transport Workers’ Union (TWU) confirmed the worker involved is Theo Seremetidis, a health and safety representative who allegedly advised colleagues to stop cleaning planes arriving from China in early 2020 due to the risk of COVID-19 exposure.

It is understood that Mr Seremetidis was directed by Qantas not to return to work on February 7, 2020, and was stood down on March 30 in line with the 20,000-plus other employees as a result of the pandemic and border closures. 

Reports state Qantas has reiterated a previously released statement, claiming that Mr Seremetidis was stood down for telling colleagues to take part in stop-work action without a reasonable basis to do so.”

Mr Seremetidis was directed not to come to work while he was investigated for failing to comply with our Standards of Conduct policy including allegations of attempting to incite unprotected industrial action,” a spokesperson for Qantas said.

“It’s worth noting that there was not a single positive COVID case carried on our flights back from China.”

Qantas said.

Transport Workers Union NSW State Secretary Richard Olsen says that the regulator’s decision to prosecute the Australian airline was a landmark moment for work health and safety across Australia.

Each charge – the exact number of which is not known – carries a maximum penalty of $594,021 if found guilty.

Anthony Lucas is reporter, presenter and social media producer with ticker News. Anthony holds a Bachelor of Professional Communication, with a major in Journalism from RMIT University as well as a Diploma of Arts and Entertainment journalism from Collarts. He’s previously worked for 9 News, ONE FM Radio and Southern Cross Austerio’s Hit Radio Network. 

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Diversifying and enhancing payment methods



American Express reveals Australian homeowner bill payment insights

In response to the growing trend of card and tap-and-go payments, organisations are adapting their systems to accommodate diverse payment options.

American Express recently conducted research shedding light on homeowner sentiments towards local councils, with a focus on Australian attitudes and behaviours related to bill payments.

Vice President and General Manager of Global merchant services at American Express, Robert Tedesco, provides his insights.

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Explosive growth and dominance of the audio industry



Global radio market hits staggering $143 billion valuation, cementing audio industry’s dominance

The audio industry continues to assert itself as a formidable force, with the 2023 global radio market reaching a substantial value of $143 billion.

The podcast market has surged to an impressive worth of $18.52 billion, showcasing a compound annual growth rate of 27.6%.

Tony Simmons, CEO and founder of Sonnant, discusses how the audio industry can be made even better.

Presented by VentureCrowd – To find out more about Conscious Investing, head to

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Nick Kyrgios shocks fans with surprise OnlyFans announcement



Tennis sensation Nick Kyrgios sent shockwaves through the sports and entertainment world today as he revealed a surprising career move.

The Australian athlete, known for his fiery on-court antics and charismatic personality, has announced his entry into the world of OnlyFans, a platform typically associated with adult content creators.

In an unexpected turn of events, Kyrgios took to social media to share the news with his followers. He stated, “I’ve always enjoyed pushing boundaries and breaking the mold. I’m excited to announce that I’ll be joining OnlyFans to share exclusive content and connect with my fans in a new way.”

The announcement has left fans and pundits alike wondering what kind of content Kyrgios will be sharing on the platform.

The decision has sparked a debate about the intersection of sports and social media, as well as the evolving landscape of content creation.

Some fans are eagerly anticipating behind-the-scenes glimpses of Kyrgios’s life, while others are questioning the potential impact on his professional tennis career.

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