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Creator Economy

The Creator Economy

Join Natalie Giddings for The Creator Economy as she dives into the art of content creation and strategies for standing out in the digital era. Joined by a diverse range of viral guests, explore what it takes to captivate your audience in today’s content-driven world.

Hosted by Natalie Giddings, CEO at Hoozu.


Natalie Giddings

With nearly fifteen years in influencer marketing, Natalie Giddings is a seasoned leader who founded Pollen Marketing and spearheaded SOCiETY Melbourne at IPG Mediabrands. As CEO of Hoozu within IZEA Worldwide, she pioneers new standards in creator partnerships, achieving remarkable brand results. A member of AiMCo’s Guiding Council, Natalie advocates for innovation and best practices, ensuring creators flourish in today’s dynamic digital landscape.

Episodes | 13 minutes

Comedy creator reveals the secrets behind her social media success and future ventures

Social star shares behind the scenes look at creating viral content

Tik Tok ‘it couple’ unveil their viral path to fame and work to champion inclusivity

Youtube mega streamer reveals secrets to successful brand collaborations

Featured Guests

Jackson Field

Content Creator

Taz Zammit

Content Creator

Alessia Allfree

Content Creator

Jordan Barclay

Spawn Point Media

Samantha Andrew

Content Creator