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Putin claims strong Russian election victory despite claims of rigging



Russia concluded regional and municipal elections on Sunday, drawing international criticism for holding the votes, particularly in regions annexed from Ukraine.

Despite allegations of vote rigging and Ukraine’s condemnation of Moscow’s attempts to tighten its grip on these territories, the elections delivered strong support for President Vladimir Putin and his United Russia party.

The Council of Europe, Europe’s foremost human rights group, labelled the week-long vote as a blatant violation of international law. Kyiv, along with its allies, deemed it an illegal effort to strengthen Russia’s control over regions in Ukraine’s south and east.

In Russia and the annexed regions, the election results underscored the Kremlin’s message that Putin is the foremost guarantor of stability.

However, competition was limited in these regions as strong candidates, including some from the main opposition Communist Party, were blocked from running by authorities.

Stanislav Andreychuk, co-chair of Golos, a voter rights’ group designated as a “foreign agent” by the Russian government, reported instances of vote rigging in various parts of the country, characterising these elections as lacking authenticity.

Opposition candidates faced detention, vandalism of their vehicles, and even military draft notices being served to election observers.

The Kremlin has consistently maintained that Putin enjoys widespread popularity in Russia, citing opinion polls and numerous election victories as evidence of free and fair elections.

Notably, all significant legal political forces in Russia, including opposition parties, maintain a level of loyalty to Putin and his policies, including the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

United Russia won every provincial governor’s race it participated in across the country.

Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin, a close ally of Putin, was re-elected with more than 75% of the vote, despite virtually no opposition.

Critics argue that elections in Moscow are susceptible to manipulation due to the electronic voting system, which they claim is impossible to audit. Similar systems have been introduced in various other Russian regions.

These elections have further strained Russia’s relations with Ukraine and drawn international condemnation, raising concerns about the state of democracy and political competition within the country.

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Trump & Biden prepare for the earliest debate in modern U.S. history



The first debate of the year between President Joe Biden and former president Donald Trump will take place this week in Atlanta.

This debate marks a milestone as the earliest presidential debate in modern U.S. history, and will prove to be a critical event for both candidates.

Joe Biden and Donald Trump are neck-and-neck in national opinion polls, with a considerable slice of the electorate still undecided five months before the Nov. 5 vote. #featured #trending

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Ferrari’s debut high-performance electric vehicle will be priced above $500,000



Ferrari has unveiled details about its inaugural electric car, slated to be priced upwards of $500,000, as first reported by Reuters.

This announcement comes amidst growing global interest and competition in electric vehicles, with Ferrari aiming to blend its iconic design prowess with sustainable technology.

The Italian automaker, renowned for its high-performance sports cars, is expected to maintain its commitment to superior craftsmanship and engineering excellence in its electric offering.

Following the EV announcement, Ferrari also confirmed plans to establish a new manufacturing plant aimed at enhancing production flexibility and significantly reducing car development times.

Mike Costello from Cox Automotive joins to discuss the latest in EVs. #featured #trending

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Commercial real estate targeted for producing 40% of global emissions



Commercial real estate contributes significantly to global emissions, with reports suggesting it makes up to 40% of the total – so is there a solution in sight?

Global strategies are setting out to transform this impact by promoting the development of sustainable buildings.

As climate change continues to be a pressing global issue, the commercial real estate sector must pivot towards more eco-friendly solutions.

One of the most impactful actions that can be taken to mitigate the environmental impact of commercial real estate is the implementation of building automation systems.

Louise Monger, Vice President, Digital Buildings of Schneider Electric, joins to share her key insights into the issue. #featured

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