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Rolling Stones to release first new album in nearly 20 years



The Rolling Stones are making a triumphant return with their first album of original songs since 2005, titled “Hackney Diamonds.”

They’re set to unveil this highly-anticipated record at a special event in Hackney, a place deeply tied to the album’s essence, as per a press release.

This event, hosted by Jimmy Fallon, will be streamed live on YouTube, allowing fans worldwide to join in the excitement.

The album is generating buzz with rumours of prominent guest appearances, including Paul McCartney, Stevie Wonder, and Lady Gaga.

The announcement follows a clever teaser campaign that kicked off with a subtle ad in the Hackney Gazette, a local London newspaper.

Despite its facade as an advertisement for a glazing firm, the blurb cleverly weaved in references to iconic Rolling Stones songs and provided a phone number for fans to register their interest.

Over the weekend, the band teased one of the songs via the “” website, but it turned out to be another elaborate stunt.

After a lengthy loading screen, the site only played a brief snippet of music before appearing to crash.

In response to fans’ supposed frustrations on social media, the band playfully quipped with a reference to the song’s opening lyric: “Sorry, don’t get angry with me.”

The big reveal will take place in Hackney, with all three remaining Stones – Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, and Ronnie Wood – in attendance.

“Hackney Diamonds” marks their first original material album since 2005’s “A Bigger Bang” and their first without drummer Charlie Watts, who passed away in 2021.

Watts had recorded new drum tracks before his death, and Richards confirmed his presence on the new record.

Steve Jordan, who filled in for Watts on tour, is expected to accompany the band on other songs. Reports of Ringo Starr’s participation in the recording sessions have been downplayed.

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Will the travel boom continue in 2024?



Several big events are scheduled in 2024 and travelers say they’re planning to attend.

Following the pandemic—pent-up demand to travel exploded.

But, after years of inflation and rising tourism costs—are travelers curtailing plans for 2024 or revving them up?

Casey Hatfield-Chiotti, a Travel Editor, Marin Living Magazine joins Veronica Dudo to discuss. #IN AMERICA TODAY #travel #traveltrends #2024travel #tourism #luxurytravel #hospitalityindustry #MarinLiving #ParisOlympics #solareclipse #featured

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YouTuber Trevor Jacob behind bars for plane crash stunt



YouTuber Trevor Jacob has been sentenced to jail after orchestrating a dangerous stunt involving a plane crash in a reckless bid for views.

The shocking incident unfolded as Jacob attempted to push the boundaries of extreme content creation on his YouTube channel.

In a bid to capture the attention of his audience, Jacob embarked on a perilous mission, piloting a small plane before deliberately crashing it. The stunt, which was filmed and uploaded to his channel, garnered immediate backlash from viewers, many of whom decried the reckless behavior as dangerous and irresponsible.

Authorities swiftly intervened, launching an investigation into Jacob’s actions. Following the investigation, he was arrested and subsequently sentenced to a prison term.

The incident has raised important questions about the ethics of content creation, the pursuit of internet fame, and the potential legal consequences for those who prioritize views over safety.


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Russian women want their men back from Ukraine



In a heartfelt plea, Russian women have taken to the streets demanding the safe return of their loved ones from the Ukrainian front.

The conflict in Ukraine has stretched on for years, and the toll on families has been immense. Mothers, wives, sisters, and daughters are uniting to call for an end to the fighting and the return of their men.

The women, often referred to as the “mothers of the front,” are growing increasingly frustrated with the ongoing conflict. They argue that their husbands, sons, and brothers have been away for far too long, and the human cost of the war is simply too high.

With no clear resolution in sight, their calls for peace and reconciliation are becoming more urgent.

This grassroots movement has sparked a national conversation in Russia, with many questioning the government’s handling of the conflict.

While the official stance has been to support the separatist forces in Ukraine, these women are highlighting the personal tragedies and broken families left in the wake of the war. Their determination to bring their loved ones home is palpable.

The situation raises important questions about the impact of long-term conflicts on families, the role of women in peace movements, the government’s response to public sentiment, and the prospects for a peaceful resolution in the ongoing Ukraine conflict.

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