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Nick Kyrgios loses his cool at Houston Open, as umpire admits error



Kyrgios erupts in fury at the umpire after a missed call in the Houston Open semi-final

Another week, another meltdown at an umpire from Tennis star Nick Kyrgios.

Kyrgios was on serve to stay in the match when a return from American third seed Reilly Opelka appeared to be out. 

The umpire missed the call from his seat, and let the match carry on, with Opelka eventually taking the win 6-3 7-5. 

Kyrgios saw red, swearing at the umpire’s mistake on the missed call. 

The Umpire did eventually admit it was his error but says if he’s not 100% sure he can’t make the call from his seat.


“What do you mean you don’t know from there? Where are you supposed to sit then if you can’t see it?” 

Nick kyrgios

That’s why I called it in…If I’m not 100 per cent, I can’t call it out from here. And I can’t check the line.”

umpire Joshua Brace

It was out bro

Nick kyrgios

“If it was out, then I did miss it”

umpire Joshua Brace

It’s f**king out, it’s out of bounds on clay, how are you not calling it? How?”

Nick kyrgios

“It’s an absolute joke bro. How are you missing that? How? I can’t do anything on clay though. It’s up to you guys to make that call. I can’t stop mid point.”

Nick kyrgios

“I believe you now, I made a mistake.”

umpire Joshua Brace

“You may as well call the game, because the whole media’s going to think it was my fault for that call, right? So how about you come down to the media and say, ‘I did a terrible job today’?”

Nick kyrgios

Clay court challenges

The Houston Open is played on a clay court meaning there is no Hawkeye view of the court, with Kyrgios unable to simply challenge it.

However, commentators say that Kyrgios could have stopped the point if he firmly believed it was out. This would have enabled the umpire to check the mark on the clay court.

Post-match commentators are questioning the ability of the umpire’s view of the line and the need for potential changes to this.

However, fans were still not impressed with Kygrios’ tantrum which could cost him a hefty fine.

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Kyrgios through to Wimbledon semi-final amid court battle



Nick Kyrgios is through to the Wimbledon semi-final for the first time in his career, but the controversial Australian tennis star is remaining tight lipped about his off-court battle

Ahead of the stellar match, Australian police confirmed the 27-year-old will be required to appear in a Canberra court next month amid allegations of assault by a former girlfriend.

Kyrgios says it’s been difficult to read reports about the alleged claims, but it did not impact him mentally.

During a post-match press conference, Kyrgios told reporters he has a lot on his mind at the moment, but he’s been advised by his lawyers to stay quiet.

The Aussie put on an incredible show for fans around the world, powering through to the next round in a straight sets victory over Christian Garin.

When it comes to reaching the semi-final, Kyrgios says he’s just so proud of his recent achievements.

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Nick Kyrgios to face Australian court



One of Tennis’ most iconic events, Wimbledon, is underway and it’s been action-packed

Quarter-finalist Nick Kyrgios has been in hot water and the spotlight continues on the aussie, he is set to appear in court next month once Wimbledon has come to a close

He’ll head down under to face an allegation of common assault.

Police said it follows an incident in December last year which Kyrgios’ lawyer says was “in the context of a domestic relationship”.

He will play Chile’s Cristian Garin in the Wimbledon last eight on Wednesday.

Kyrgios’ lawyer told the Canberra times “The nature of the allegation is serious, and Mr Kyrgios takes the allegation very seriously.”

The Association of Tennis Professionals is aware of the Australian case involving Kyrgios but declined to comment further at this time.

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Williams loses first round at Wimbledon



There’s been a bit of drama on the court as the most prestigious tennis Grand Slam gets underway

Spectators filled the All England Club on Monday to watch the biggest tennis stars hit the court at Wimbledon.

After coming back from a lengthy break, Serena Williams lost in three sets to 24-year-old, Harmony Tan.

“When I saw the draw, I was really scared. I don’t know what to say, I’m so emotional now because she’s a superstar,” Tan says.

Tan took the first set 7-5, before Williams took over 6-1. Tan fought back to win a thrilling third set tie-breaker.

“Because it’s Serena Williams, she’s a legend. I was like, oh my God. How can I play? If I could win one game, or two games, it’s really good for me.”


Despite her dramatic loss, the former world number one is brushing off retirement rumours.

Kyrgios spits at crowd

Meanwhile, in men’s singles, Aussie tennis star, Nick Kyrgios, caused a bit of a stir calling the chair umpire a “snitch” after she supposedly complained to the court umpire about his behaviour.

The 27-year-old will likely be up for a fine for also spitting towards a fan during the match.

Kyrgios says there was a lot of disrespect from the crowd, which is why he admitted to spitting towards a fan.

“I’ve been dealing with hate and negativity for a long time, so I don’t feel like I owed that person anything,” he says.

The ATP remains in crisis talks over Wimbledon’s Russia ban.

Katerina Kostakos contributed to this report

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